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Online Courses by Constructor Talent School
For high school students: from abstract maths to real programming
Welcome to the Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

Make a step towards successful and quality education! This program is designed to provide you with a solid understanding of the mathematical concepts that form the backbone of computer science. Whether you're interested in Python programming or algorithms and data structures, this program offers the courses that will pave the way for your success in the world of computer science.

Please note: The Spring 2024 groups have already been filled, and classes are underway. If you are interested in this program, sign up to be notified about the start of the Fall 2024 intake.

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What do we offer?
• Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
• Designed for high school students aged 15-18
• Language of instruction – English
• Online education
Spring 2024 intake
• Four months (16 weeks)
• February 26 – June 14
• Enrollment until February 22
• The program will continue in Fall 2024
Weekly workload
• 1 hour of a group lecture
• 20 minutes of one-on-one sessions with a tutor
• 1 hour of individual work
• Extra-curriculum activities within the community
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About the courses

The Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science curriculum is an introductory program designed for high school students who want to:

  • Deepen their understanding of fundamental mathematical concepts by bridging theory with practical applications.
  • Develop strong reasoning skills and enhance critical thinking abilities.
  • Acquire the knowledge of the foundations of computer science necessary to address real-life problems effectively. 
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Spring 2024 intake

Based on your level, we offer two comprehensive paths – Python & Mathematics or Mathematics & Algorithms – that cover a wide range of topics. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Python & Mathematics

Course – Elementary, my Dear Python

This course provides a strong base for understanding essential programming concepts and hands-on experience, setting you on the path to becoming a confident coder. We'll explore the basics of Python, a beginner-friendly programming language, starting from basic operations and ending with classes. If you're new to programming, this course is the perfect starting point for your coding journey. If you already have some experience, you’ll still find some new and interesting problems.

Course – The Art of Reasoning

This course is your friendly entrance to the world of clear thinking! You’ll learn how to understand mathematical language, create desired constructions, explore logic puzzles, and begin to uncover patterns in processes. This is the perfect starting point for students new to convincing reasoning, helping you become a confident problem solver from the ground up.

  • Mathematics & Algorithms

Course – The Art of Reasoning

This course is your friendly entrance to the world of clear thinking! You’ll learn how to understand mathematical language, create desired constructions, explore logic puzzles, and begin to uncover patterns in processes. This is the perfect starting point for students new to convincing reasoning, helping you become a confident problem solver from the ground up.

Course – Algorithms and Data Structures

In this course, we take a friendly journey into the world of computers and coding. You'll discover cool stuff like how to measure the efficiency of programs (don't worry, we'll keep it simple), learn how computers work “behind the scenes”, sort things with the help of algorithms, use different structures to efficiently process data, and even unlock the secrets of making searching super fast. Join us and take the steps to become a coding expert!

Two more courses are coming soon! Stay tuned for additional opportunities to develop your skills and explore new topics.

Course – Graph Theory

This comprehensive course in Graph Theory provides you with a solid foundation in understanding and analyzing graphs, a fundamental concept in mathematics and computer science. The course covers a range of topics starting from basic notions and up to algorithms on graphs. By the end of this course, you’ll have a strong grasp of graph theory approaches and the ability to apply them to real-world scenarios.

Course – Number Theory

In this course, we'll delve into the fundamental concepts of Number Theory. We'll start from divisibility and move through different properties of remainders until we reach applications such as RSA encryption essential for cryptography. If you're new to Number Theory, this course provides an understanding of the essential principles behind integers and their practical applications. And if you already have some experience, a new point of view on the Number Theory will help you become a better problem-solver.

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What will your education with us look like?
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Our courses are designed to be around 2.5 hours per week, making it easy to fit into your schedule. With just a few hours a week, you'll be on your way to becoming a master of the field. This setup allows for a balanced learning experience with interactive classes, personalized support, and independent study:

Group classes

Engage in interactive group sessions with experienced teachers for 1 hour.

Tutor classes

Receive personalized guidance in 20-minute one-on-one sessions with a tutor.

Individual work

Dive into the course material at your own pace, dedicating approximately 1+ hours to self-study and practice.

Meet your teachers

Learn from the best: our top experienced lecturers/mentors with a hands-on approach and practical portfolio will guide you through your learning journey. These experienced and knowledgeable teachers bring expertise in their respective fields, a passion for teaching, and a dedication to helping you succeed in your learning journey.

Photo Andrey Mukhachev
Andrey Mukhachev
• BSc in Physics
• MSc in Biophysics
• Experience as a research associate in top-rated science labs and as a natural science and computer science teacher in high schools.
• Currently working as the Chief Engineer at Deep Smart Light (UK/Ireland).
• Skilled in working with bacteria on a space station, coding neural networks, and fostering a love for science among students.
• Enjoys ballroom dancing, history, and long walks.
Photo Vladimir Sharich
Vladimir Sharich
• BSc in Mathematics
• MSc in Combinatorics
• Experience as a math teacher and as the head of the mathematics department in top-rated universities and high schools.
• Served as a jury member in over 40 math competitions, including IMO-2020 and IMO-2021.
• Able to explain concepts effectively, verify reasoning, and help students grasp scientific principles.
• Plays chess and has an interest in neuropsychology and deep understanding.
Andrei Mikriukov
Andrei Mikriukov
• BSc in Mathematics
• MSc in Mathematics & Pedagogy
• Worked at top-rated centers for additional education as a math teacher and as a product manager. Been a member of the organizing committee at more than 20 educational events, incl. IPhO-2020.
• Knows how to make things beautiful, gamify learning experience, and get students to enjoy science.
• Plays the drums. Enjoys mountaineering and skydiving.
Why to join our courses?
Individual approach
We prioritize individual attention. With small group sizes and one-on-one work with tutors, everyone's questions get answered and you'll receive the support you need.
Obtain certificates
Receive course certificates showcasing your proficiency in computer science's mathematical foundations.
Exclusive community and networking
Join an international community of like-minded individuals, fostering valuable connections and collaborations.
Pricing and availability

Our Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science program in Spring 2024 consists of two courses. If you want to complete the whole program, the total cost is 400 EUR.

The Fall 2024 intake will be announced shortly. Sign up now and be the first to know when registration is open!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We've got answers! If you have any inquiries about the program, or technical requirements, or need additional support, check out our FAQs section below. 

You can expect to receive an email from us within 1-2 working days, outlining the next steps in the process. We appreciate your patience during this time.

Our program is designed to be completed in four months, with two months dedicated to each course.

Joining for free means that eligible high school students can enroll in our online courses without any cost. To benefit from this offer, interested students need to apply for the courses by February 22. Limited seats are available, and only qualified applicants will be granted free participation after an evaluation process.

You should plan to allocate about 2.5 hours per week on the course. This includes:

  • Around 1 hour in a small online class with a teacher.
  • Approximately 20 minutes of one-on-one online tutoring with a tutor.
  • Some additional time for self-learning and completing tasks on our online platform.

This schedule gives you enough time to learn and make progress while balancing your other commitments.

We require proficiency in English to facilitte effective communication and comprehension. We also expect you to commit to the entire duration of the program to make the most of your learning experience!
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Ready to explore programming opportunities and enhance your mathematical foundations?

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You can download the brochure about the online courses here.

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