Freimarkt Comes to Town!!!!

Freimarkt Comes to Town!!!!

The "5th Bremer season" of the year will be commemorated for over 1000 years during the lost two weeks of October. The city on the river is flipped upside down for 17 days.

Every year, almost a million people go from all over the world to be inebriated by the event of superlatives: no other funfair offers as many attractions as the Bremer Freimarkt. Around 50 fairground rides give thrills for both young and old. There were no other places in the world where such thrilling celebrations took place as at the Hanseatic metropolis on the Weser.

Since 1035, the city has celebrated these market privileges every year and has one of Germany's oldest funfair traditions. The Freimarkt in Bremen, Germany, was founded in 1035 and is one of Germany's oldest fairs. It is also the largest event in Northern Germany, with over four million visitors each year.

In the second two weeks of October, it is observed for 17 days, extending from Friday through Sunday. The area spans roughly 100,000 square meters and is divided into two sections: the "Kleiner Freimarkt" on the market square and the "Bürgerweide," which is near to the Main Station and the Exhibition Center.

The "Freimarktsumzug," which takes place on the festival's second Saturday, is a highlight. Do you want to flip the world on its head? Is it possible to be whirling through the air? Then it's time to ride a roller coaster, a ferry, or a ghost train. Bremen Bürgerweide provides entertainment for around 300 showmen on 100.000 square meters with their stalls and rides. If you prefer a leisurely stroll, the Bremer marketplace is the place to be. Visitors can find a feast for the senses on the "small Freimarkt."

Deep-fried flatbread, sizzling almonds, and pungent liquorices entice visitors to the charming kiosks set up by old paragons. Not just children's eyes will light up when the bell to start a ride on a nosttalgia casrousel rings. The path back to the "Freimarkt's" beginnings takes us simply around the corner.

Between the historic walls of the town hall and the Liebfrauenkirche, the Middle Ages begin. Retailers sold their wares in 1382's market town, while blacksmiths, glassblowers, and stonemasons showed their trades over open fires, while jugglers and singers told stories about the origins. I had the pleasure of witnessing this year’s Freimarkt with a number of friends.

Last year, unfortunately, the event was canceled along with pretty much everything because of the COVID-19 pandemic. While it was a sad state of affairs, this year’s Freimarkt took it upon itself to make sure the people forget the year 2020 and all its atrocities, for everything from the environment and prices to the rides and safety were absolutely flawless.



Freimarkt Comes to Town!!!!