Hafengeburtstag Hamburg: Boats, Concerts, and Open-Air Fairs

Hafengeburtstag Hamburg: Boats, Concerts, and Open-Air Fairs

Serious. Humourless. Punctual. We've all heard the stereotypes that lead us to believe that Germans are among the world's least entertaining people. But we'll let you in on a little secret that over 30 million foreign visitors per year already know: Germany is a lot of fun.

Indeed, Germany has something for everyone's idea of fun, whether it's clubbing in Berlin, hiking in the Black Forest, visiting medieval castles and palaces, or their love of nude beaches and resorts. German festivals and activities abound, providing an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in the country's warmest and most fun-loving aspects. Here are ten festivals in Germany that defy stereotypes, ranging from traditional to hip, posh to sloshed. We'll be covering some of Germany's wildest annual festivals in a series of upcoming blog posts.

This month's topic will be Hafengeburtstag. The Hafengeburtstag is a public festival and funfair held every year in Hamburg, Germany, which is held primarily on the first weekend in May to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Hamburg's port, also Germany's largest.

The city's 830th birthday was celebrated in 2019, and a new record was set: over a million spectators, including many foreign visitors, visited the city. The Hafengeburtstag can be traced back to Emperor Frederick Barbarossa, who granted a charter to Hamburg merchants on 7 May 1189, exempting ships sailing the Elbe from Hamburg to the North Sea from customs duties. As a result, the anniversary is commemorated every year on the weekend of or around May 7th. Since 1977, a modern public festival has been held. Hamburg, a gleaming northern capital, holds a significant place in western culture.

Hamburg, a major seaport built at the end of the 12th century, has been a historical trading center without which The Beatles or the hamburger could never have been discovered by the rest of the world. The citizens of Hamburg celebrate the port's birthday every year on the first weekend in May with a huge festival named Hafengeburtstag to commemorate the port that has contributed so much to western culture.

About a million people attend the festival, which includes boat shows, fireworks, concerts, and an open-air fair. Hundreds of boats with intricate sails will flood into the harbor for water parades, races, and tours of the decks, providing plenty of entertainment for antiqueship fans.

However, Hafengeburtstag isn't all for seafarers! Hundreds of street food stands will serve tasty, freshly caught surf; the city's beer halls will be packed; those looking to party will attend raves on boats; and rock stars as big as Rammstein have played at the festival.

During this incredible celebration, the beautiful city of Hamburg comes alive with a diverse range of programming that has something for everyone.



Hafengeburtstag: The Festival of Boats, Concerts, and Open-Air Fairs