Holding On To The Jacobs Experience

Holding On To The Jacobs Experience

It’s been a year since I graduated from Jacobs, I contemplate as I sit in my verandah looking over the pouring monsoon rain. A wave of contentment occupies me at the thought of it and I smile, realizing that walking out of campus with a degree in my hands did not put an end to the much-talked-about Jacobs Experience - it was a mere transition that shaped a corridor to the whole world where every step of the way I could look and relate back to three incredulous years at that place. And I smile still, because it’s a feeling I’m well acquainted with since the past year, coming by every once a while and bringing with it a plethora of memories.

No matter where you are or where you go, Jacobs is home. I don’t feel the need to change this statement to past tense, I tell myself after a brief pause, aware of how lucky I am to have a place to consider home and turn back to for life. I also think of how if someone were to read my thoughts, it’s very likely they might feel them to be familiar because to me it’s incredible how so many of my friends, acquaintances and fellows I have come across speak so fondly of their time at Jacobs - interestingly more so after graduating, with magnified gratitude.

I recall that after graduation, I reached out to a Jacobs alumna with a whole list of questions about moving to a new city and about my graduate program. “No worries. We Jacobs peeps have to hold together, we’re one big family!” She stated, after I expressed my concern over possibly having caused her trouble with my enquiries.

And this does not stand as an isolated experience, you’d be filled with wonder looking at how we all really do stick together like family. The Jacobs Experience is unique and thrilling in so many ways and once you step out of the confines of our campus, there is joy, comfort, and reassurance in coming across people who have shared it and can relate to your experience and you to theirs, down to every detailed anecdote be it the blurry walks back from TOS with friends or waking up ten minutes before class and still making it on time. I remember how we spoke of people from Nord as if they travelled from the literal north pole to get to other places on campus, but I now consider the irony during my 35-minute commute to class.

There is so much mutual rejoicing when I see how far we have all come since our undergrad days; to see friends following their passion and in all corners of the globe and excelling personally, professionally, academically. It’s all shared happiness and growth, with every step big or small that you see people around you accomplish; to watch and admire those around you become their best selves along the way.

I was once told that it is not very often in life that one comes across sincere people and on occasions that you do, value them dearly and take good care of them. I do hold those words close, now more than ever. You know, it doesn’t take fancy words and deep thinking to pen these words but only a quick moment of gratitude. Of course, I’m smiling, I know there’s all reason and more for me to do so.


BY zoela gilani (PAKISTAN) | CLASS OF 2020

Holding On To The Jacobs Experience