Humans of Jacobs: Dr. Kinga Lipskoch

Humans of Jacobs: Dr. Kinga Lipskoch

In conversation with Dr Kinga Lipskoch, lecturer at Jacobs University:

How did you decide to come to Jacobs University to teach?

I knew that my main goal was teaching shortly before graduating from my undergraduate studies. After finishing my PhD in Oldenburg, which is very close to Bremen, I was positively surprised when I found a job posting for a university lecturer position in the field of Computer Science at an international university not far away from where I was already living for multiple years. Therefore, the decision was very quick and obvious since I was previously an international student as well.

How would you describe your time at Jacobs University?

The beginning of my time at Jacobs was challenging and full of learning new things about the system, the students, and the whole community. After approximately two years, I got well accommodated and now I feel as part of the community and believe to have a good understanding of all great aspects of our diverse campus.

How would you describe ´professional development´?

Professional development is a process which is accompanying humans during their whole working career. Sometimes we may think that we accumulated lots of knowledge and experience, but work life is always dynamic and we often have to adapt and extend our skills to new contexts and requirements.

Now that we are almost past COVID-19, how would you go about being an advocate and resource for the use of technology in the teaching and learning process?

During the last three semesters we all experienced the advantages and disadvantages of technology and digitalisation. I believe that many university related processes can be optimised using technology, but I also believe that core components of teaching cannot all be conducted in a digital manner only.

How would you define good teaching?

Good teaching for me is delivering high quality and relevant content which is adapted to the scope of teaching but also to the student body. I also think that a good teaching style is a dynamic teaching style. The experience gained with various student batches can motivate instructors to improve one or the other aspect of their teaching content and style.

Any messages would you like to give to the outgoing class of 2022?

Manage your time and skills well to be able to reach your goals and dare to have ambitious goals.



Humans of Jacobs: Dr. Kinga Lipskoch