Humans of Jacobs: Haseeb Ahmed

Humans of Jacobs: Haseeb Ahmed

Haseeb Ahmed is an Electrical and Mechanical Engineering-major from Lahore, Pakistan and is currently in his last year at Jacobs University.

In conversation with Haseeb:

How would you separate Bremen from Lahore?

I’ve practically lived my whole life in Lahore - it’s one of the largest cities in South-Asia. Life is much faster back home. In Bremen, since it’s not a big city, life is kind of calm. Another difference is the weather, of course, as back home it reaches up to 40 degrees. The food is another thing that I feel like is very different. In Lahore, you can just get up and find a place to eat at 4 in the morning. Something is always up and running.

How does life differ in Bremen?

Back home in Lahore, I feel like the people are very warm and welcoming. It’s very easy to blend in and make conversations over there. In Bremen, however, it is kind of hard to community partially, I guess, because of the language barrier.

Why did you choose Jacobs University?

This question is actually pretty hard for me to answer. I know many people would say that they chose Jacobs University because of its diversity and social settings, but for me only one thing stood out: the name. I find the name to be very simple and different than other universities so I guess I decided to come here. I know it sounds rather stupid to choose university over this, but I’m here.

What are your future plans?

My plans are unrelated to my degree, which is ironic as well. I want to continue working on my e-commerce business for a little while and see where things take me. I haven’t decided on where I am going to live after I graduate, but I think it would probably be Berlin.

Would you change coming to Jacobs University?

No, I wouldn’t. I spent almost a year at another university before finally coming to Jacobs University and I think nothing can top that. This university has taught me a lot and I have had some amazing times here on campus. I don’t think I would ever like to change that.

What suggestions would you give - if any - to the upcoming class at Jacobs University?

I would say, at first, take care of your mental health. Mental health, I believe, is very important in today’s world and culture. I think students should let the social dilemmas or pressures to build up in their heads and that they should try to relax from time to time. Only staying in your room and studying doesn’t make sense, but not studying at all doesn’t makes sense either. Long story short, I think people need to find a balance in all things including their university courses and leisures.



Humans of Jacobs: Haseeb Ahmed