Return of the TOS

Return of the TOS

The reopening of the The Other Side (TOS) has seen some spectacular gatherings in my time at Jacobs University for until last year, TOS was hosting regular events with most of them organised around a theme.

The COVID-19 pandemic, along with other things, deprived the campus of TOS and its many events. Even though the management tried reopening it a number of times under different disguises, in the end - always - TOS was unable to host any real events with an audience like before.

This year, however, at the start of October, TOS officially opened with a karaoke night which was attended by scores. This was only topped by the Halloween party that topped all counts set before. Witnessing it myself, I believe three-quarter of the university student body were present.

There were queues stretching all the way to Krupp-E trying to enter the TOS. In the end, of course, only a limited number of people were allowed inside - all vaccinated or with a negative proof. Since the karaoke night, TOS has started hosting regular gatherings once again and if things stay stable, it will continue to do so throughout the year.

Now, talking about Halloween, the party which was supposedly hosted by College III was a hit. People dressed up, put on their best makeup, and were present before the party minutes before it even started. “To be honest, I think we truly deserve partying again. It’s been a long time and I am really glad that for the first time in my time here, I am actually experiencing the TOS in all its glory,” said one student present at the TOS for the Halloween party. “I believe the threat of COVID-19 is but past us now. I’m really happy TOS is up and running again,” said another.

Even though it was freezing outside, dozens and dozens of people gathered at the outskirts of the TOS were seen dancing and not really caring about anything else. “It feels good to be back here. It feels good to be normal again.”

It surely does.



Return of the TOS