The Breminale is Back!

The Breminale is Back!

The Breminale is a five-day open-air culture festival on Bremen's Osterdeich that takes place every summer. The final seven stages are expected to draw between 200,000 and 220,000 people. The Breminale festivities are traditionally free to all guests under the theme "Culture for Everyone."

For this year festival, although downgraded because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, many artists performed including but not limited to WEZN, Say Yes Dog, DJ Ataxy, YL, MAZN, Willy Will and Megaloh among others The Bremen scene may now orient, measure, and network inside the Breminale program, which has evolved into a lively and high-quality combination of current pop culture and avant-garde. Aside from world-class music events, the Breminale's schedule might be expanded to incorporate ambitious film, literature, performance, show, and conversation aspects, making it a forum for urban culture discourse. In addition, in 2014, the children's and family program was greatly enlarged.

The Breminale's program is centered on live music, which begins about noon on some days and normally lasts until late at night. Over 150 musicians and bands will play in four big circus tents over the course of five days. There is a wide range of music available, enriching the Bremen cultural landscape with music from all over the world.

The festival has found a new musical opening towards more electronic influences and German bands since 2008, under new artistic direction. Since then, the goal has been to refocus on a "culture festival" and to forge new cultural partnerships, such as with the mobile cinema and the Schwankhalle artists' residence. Since 2010, a "contribution gate" has been erected up on the Breminale every year because the new organizers' financial troubles could not be overcome, but the claim to a free event remained decisive.

Visitors can help to the maintenance of the Breminale by purchasing tickets and making voluntary donations without feeling obligated to do so. Since 2011, the environment has also had a significant impact. The ADFC's creation of the "Bio-Erleben-Dorf," "Deichbankett," and "Bicycle Festival" has subsequently enriched the Breminale and pushed the festival's alternative flavor. With roughly 220,000 visitors, the 2013 Breminale was the largest to date. For several years, the festival's audience has been international, indicating the festival's expanding popularity.

Following a successful Breminale in 2017, local media reports revealed an internal struggle within the event consortium, putting the Breminale's survival in jeopardy. The Bremen state government, among others, provided financing after reforming the festival management team and providing a suitable idea. Since then, the Breminale has been managed by the firm Concept Bureau UG. Despite a heat wave in the "Summer of the Century 2018" and an early conclusion owing to a storm on Saturday evening, the Breminale 2018 attracted over 200,000 visitors.

The lineup for 2021 included such artists as: Wezn, Say Yes Dog, DJ Ataxy, Willy Will, Megaloh, Kaffkiez, Mantao, POW, Rumba de Bodas, Stunnah, DJ Kaylab, Genzo, Blvck Crowz, Flo Mega, Prince Jelleh, EO, Rausz, Paloma & The Matches, Smiles, Miami Lenz, Juicy Gay, Wyvern Lingo, Robert John Hope, Scotch & Water, Tereza, Elsen, Degenerate Idol, Terra Flop, Nebenwirkung, Devin Heat, Die Sterne, Pascal M, Audio Stunts & Mahumba, Xenia Beliayeva, Postford, Echoschleife, Naft, Moritz Gut, L I N, Tenski, Brightbach Orchestra, No One Dares, Sinus, Njelsch, Alltag, Goodyeah Collective, We Had To Leave, Walking on Rivers, and Schredderhans.



The Breminale is Back!