The Jacobs Games aka the Jacolympix

The Jacobs Games aka the Jacolympix

Jacobs University proudly inaugurated its annual Jacobs Games with the hosting of Jacolympix. The event took place during the last week of September, but had been the main topic of discussion since the very start of the semester year.

As is tradition, before every season, the respective colleges College 3, Nord, Mercator, and Krupp host their respective students to a social event where everyone can design their own T-shirt for the upcoming games. I was present at the College 3 common room and it was delightful to finally witness a social gathering after a year of social isolation. The College 3 team had always been a little more excited than any other team throughout my years at Jacobs University.

Maybe because it just reflects a more welcoming vibe or maybe just numbers always add up to its favour, but every year, College 3 is the favourite to win the season. Jacobs University took a different approach this time around when it came to the Games. Looking past the traditional games of just the traditional games that use to happen on a single day, Jacobs University has decided to hold four different sports events that will add up the the respective colleges’ points. The team with the most points would be handed the Jacobs University Games Trophy in May 2022.

The first part of the season was Jacolympix which did not house any traditional outdoor games such as Football, Cricket, or Basketball. Instead, a number of “fun” games, as the administration called it, were hosted. Some of which were climbing, tackling, and running. A huge number of participants were present at the Jacolympix and a true team spirit could be observed on the ground. In the end, leading by a small margin, College 3 was able to come up victorious. A victory lap in the end concluded the Jacolympix.

On asking the administration about the other parts of the Jacobs Games, I was told that the idea is to include as many students as possible. Of course, there are people who are good at strategic board games such as Chess and Sudoku and then there are people who are good at outdoor sports such as Cricket and Football. The first part, which is the Jacolympix, I was told, was just to open to the students so that they may more comfortable with their fellow teammates.

The next part of the Games would be The Shining Games which are especially created for e-games and chess players. The third part of the Games is Jojo’s Dive is supposed to be a colourful and a fun-based event. The pools at the Sportbad Grohn have been included as well to facilitate the event. Jojo’s Dive will include dives, synchronised swimming, and much more.

The final part of the Games, which is still to be unrelieved will take place immediately before the giving away of the trophy in May 2022. The details of this part are still unclear, but I have no doubts that it will top the first three parts by a good margin.



The Jacobs Games aka the Jacolympix