The New Season: Welcoming Freshmen to Campus

The New Season: Welcoming Freshmen to Campus

Every year at the end of August, Jacobs University proudly welcomes new students at its beautiful, dynamic campus. The University, especially, when it comes to its diversity, treads miles ahead of its competition and is likely only to become more and more diverse as time goes by.

Last year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there were hardly any events organised for the upcoming students and meetings, classes, and availability of sports had remained limited throughout the year. I remember correctly how it was extremely difficult for the class of 2023 to settle down.

This year, however, things have changed for the better. Due to the German government’s rapid recovery, strict pandemic protocols, and swift vaccination processes, the Jacobs University opened - more or less - under normal circumstances and after months that seemed like years that seemed like more, the campus came back to life in its true form.

The new students were first welcomed into their respective households for the upcoming year. Different socialising events were held at the four residential colleges Nord, Mercator, College 3, and Krupp for the upcoming batch. New friendships were forged that lead to the very experience the University takes pride in: an all-in blend of dozens of cultures.

A number of tours were conducted to get the upcoming batch familiar with the campus and the city of Bremen. One such trip consisted of showing the new students a number of important locations in the city like the Centre and nearby transportation connections. At night, gatherings were organised by the respective colleges and the promoted batches.

One party ended at the campus’ main cross-section Campus Green. Apart from a number of safety drills, documentation signing, and registrations, the students were provided with a number of options and guidance lists for their respective academic purposes.

The first day of classes, it goes without saying, were attended thoroughly.



The New Season: Welcoming Freshmen to Campus