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Professor Artur Ekert

Member of Constructor Group Strategic Advisory Board

Director of the Center for Quantum Technologies, Oxford University, Fellow of Merton College, University of Oxford, Lee Kong Chian Centennial Professor, National University of Singapore

Artur Konrad Ekert is a Professor of quantum physics, quantum computation and cryptography. His research extends over most aspects of information processing in quantum-mechanical systems. It is a cross-disciplinary field bringing together theoretical and experimental quantum physics, computer science and information theory. Its scope ranges from deep fundamental issues in physics to prospective commercial exploitation by the computing and communications industries.

He has worked with and advised several companies and government agencies. He has served on several professional advisory boards and is one of the trustees of The Croucher Foundation. His research interests extend over most aspects of information processing in quantum-mechanical systems, with a focus on quantum communication and quantum computation. He is best known as one of the pioneers of quantum cryptography.

Major Awards:

  • Maxwell Medal and Prize by the Institute of Physics, 1995
  • Hughes Medal by the Royal Society, 2007
  • European Union Descartes Prize 2004
  • Fellow of the Royal Society 2016
  • Singapore Public Administration Medal (Silver) Pingat Pentadbiran Award 2017
  • Micius Quantum Prize, 2019