From code to cash: how to make money with open source
From code to cash how to make money with open source

Multiple companies have built profitable business from open source.
Learn how you can too!


Join us for an informative discussion with Michael “Monty” Widenius, one of the most influential programmers in the world, about effective strategies you can follow to make money from open source projects.

“When we started MySQL (the world’s most popular open-source database),” says Monty, “people told me that there’s no way you can make money by giving everything away for free. Fortunately, we were able to prove them wrong.” Indeed, these enterprise-grade technologies now power the biggest websites in the world, while forming the foundation of a worldwide open-source ecosystem that touches all corners of the internet.



Michael “Monty” Widenius

  • Main author of MySQL and its successor, MariaDB. 
  • Creator of the Open Database Alliance, which provides software, support, and services for MariaDB.
  • Founder and general partner at venture capital firm OpenOcean.
  • Awarded the Finnish Software Entrepreneur of the Year prize in 2003.
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