From the Ground Up: Remaking Engineering Education for the 21st Century

This webinar is a part of an Innovative Universities Global Webinar Series.

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Olin College of Engineering was established in 1997 for specific purpose of developing a new paradigm for engineering education. The purpose of Olin is to become an important and constant contributor to the advancement of engineering education in America and throughout the world. The average Olin graduate has completed about 20 team-based engineering design projects while earning an ABET accredited engineering degree deeply infused with human centered design and entrepreneurial experience.

Olin was identified in a 2018 benchmark study published by MIT as among the top two undergraduate engineering programs in the world. One of the first graduates of Olin College is Frances Haugen ’06 who was the Facebook whistleblower who testified before parliament and was featured on the cover of Time magazine.

In the ten year period from 2010 – 2020, Olin hosted visits from the leaders of 800 universities in 65 countries interested in learning from the Olin experiments. This talk by Richard K. Miller, Founding President of Olin College, will cover the origin, founding principles and experiences, and the lessons learned for the broader field of higher education in every discipline.

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This session is preceded by a video presentation that Olin College founder Professor Miller, recorded in December 2023 for a conference in Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in China. We recommend watching this recording before the webinar to allow us to organize a more informed discussion.


Richard Miller

Prof. Richard K. Miller - President Emeritus of Olin College of Engineering

  • Miller is the Founding Chair of Coalition for Transformational Education.
  • At Olin College of Engineering, he was appointed first President and employee.
  • Miller has served on advisory boards and committees for Harvard University, Stanford University, the Asian University for Women, and others.
  • He is also a Senior Advisor to LearningWell magazine, and a Research Associate at MIT.
Professor Isak Frumin
Professor Isak Frumin
"We designed the 'Innovative Universities' global webinar not merely as conversation, but a one-of-a-kind assembly of forward-thinking scholars poised to reshape the educational landscape. This isn't just about what's new; it's about what's next.”
Dara Melnyk
Dara Melnyk
"Currently, there are no seminars exclusively devoted to innovation in higher education. We want to change that. Our webinar series are meant to give both creators of unusual institutions and idea collectors like us a space to discuss what's possible."
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From the Ground Up: Remaking Engineering Education for the 21st Century Open configuration options Image
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