Freshie Journey

Welcome to Constructor University
Freshie Journey Spring 2024

We at Constructor University have the greatest pleasure of welcoming our new students, our Freshies, to campus! Our goal is to support you in having a comfortable arrival and providing you with the best college experience.

Here, on our Freshie Journey Page you will find important information to help guide and prepare you for your new College Adventure. We strive to create a smooth arrival experience for you and a seamless settling-in process. 

We are looking forward to seeing you on campus!


In this section, you can view video recordings of our Welcome to Constructor University live events. Stay Tuned!

No videos available at the moment.


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Pre-Bachelor Semester Students Schedule and FAQ

Welcome PBS Students! In order to welcome you to Constructor University, we have scheduled a series of information and social events. 

PBS  Students Schedule

Please see our FAQ for incoming PBS Students in Spring 2024. 

Freshies Journey content

The Freshie Journey consists of a series of online information items designed to prepare you to live, work, and study with students worldwide.

Constructor University Community Standard

Student Service Center Slides

Information about Health Insurance

Student Financial Services

Career Services Center

Step-by-step guide to course registration

PBS Student General Information


Please find packing tips at the bottom of this page


We look forward to welcoming our Spring 2024 Freshies on campus at the end of January. Please keep to the dates you were communicated by your Program Coordinators. 

Further arrival information can be found in our FAQ.

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Exploring Bremen

Will you arrive early to explore your new hometown and neighborhood?

Check out the Bremen Tourism website to find all information about where and what to see.


Please see our FAQ for incoming students in Spring 2024.

For an expert packing guide and further packing ideas please check out this link


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