Freshie Journey

Welcome to Constructor University
Freshie Journey 2023

We at Constructor University have the greatest pleasure of welcoming our new students, our Freshies, to campus! Our goal is to support you in having a comfortable arrival and providing you with the best college experience.

Our online freshie orientation, known as the Freshie Journey, will prepare you for this new phase of your life before you arrive on campus. We want the transition to be as smooth as possible for you.

We have a sequence of online live events planned and content on-demand to help orient if need to quarantine upon arrival. The journey is informative but fun and interactive, and you will get the opportunity to connect with your peers during the final month of your summer vacation.

We are looking forward to seeing you on campus!


In this section, you can view video recordings of our Welcome to Constructor University live events between August 30th and September 1st. Stay Tuned!

No videos available at the moment.


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Schedule & Kick-off

The Freshie Journey consists of a series of modules designed to prepare you to live, work, and study with students worldwide.

Every week we will release a new batch of content and hold a live web session for questions and discussions on what you’ve experienced.

It’s all about you! All the modules will remain online, available on demand even if you join late. 

Please remember that you must complete all the modules to begin studying at Constructor University. They contain important information about the structure of your studies, which courses to register for, and how to successfully complete your program requirements. In short, everything you need to know to become a successful Constructor University Student is at your fingertips!

Schedules are subject to change. Please download the latest schedule available.
Download the schedule for

Freshies Journey content

The Freshie Journey consists of a series of modules designed to prepare you to live, work, and study with students worldwide.

While you wait for your credentials please feel free to familiarize yourself with the content you will be quizzed on on Moodle:

Constructor University Community Standard

Student Service Center Slides

Information about Health Insurance

Student Financial Services

Career Services Center

Entry Advising Forms (Undergraduate Students Only)

Introduction to the 4C Curriculum UG 26 Cohort (Undergraduate Students Only)

Step-by-step guide to course registration


Please find packing tips at the bottom of this page

Social Activities

The Freshie Journey will be filled with many activities that will allow you to meet other first-year students, Peer Counselors, and other Constructor University students. It is the first taste of college life and is designed to be helpful and informative with a series of modules to introduce you to all aspects of life at Constructor University.

Social activities during the Freshie Journey will be loaded with fun, excitement, and many online and in-person opportunities to get into the Constructor University community spirit and make friends for a lifetime.

Overview of the social activities for the Freshie Journey 2023:

  • Intercultural Workshops
  • Constructor University Community Standard Workshops
  • Campus Tour
  • College Social Night
  • Bremen City Tour
  • And more!

Peer Mentor Program

Our Goal is for your College to be a "home away from home" while you are here. With over 100 different nationalities, it is of the upmost importance to ensure that all our residents feel safe, welcomed, respected and recognized. The process begins even before you arrive on campus and continues throughout your time here. Our Peer Mentor Program is a critical aspect of creating a "home away from home" starting immediately after your arrival to ensure a smooth transition to your new life on campus. 

Our Peer Mentors are returning undergraduate students who have already spent at least one year on campus. They are selected and trained to orient and mentor new incoming students during the orientation program and throughout their entire first year on campus.

You will be assigned a Peer Mentor and will be part of a Peer Mentor Group of all incoming students living on your floor or block. This allows you to easily connect with your Peer Mentor and group on a regular basis - you can study together in the study rooms or spaces in your building, plan floor dinners, or other events to get to know one another. The peer Mentors are also available for individual meetings and provide support over the group's online chat. 


We look forward to welcoming our Fall 2023 Freshies on campus on August 29th, the official arrival and check-in date. On this date, you will be able to go through the check-in process upon arrival as all our staff is waiting to welcome you to the Sports and Convention Center on the Constructor University Campus.

The earliest date our Freshies can arrive on campus and receive access to their room is August 26th. However, no additional support, directions, or transportation can be made available upon arrival on dates other than August 29th

Further information regarding arrival and support can be found in the online Freshie Journey.

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Exploring Bremen

Will you arrive early to explore your new hometown and neighborhood?

Check out the Bremen Tourism website to find all information about where and what to see.


Please see our FAQ for incoming students in 2023.

For an expert packing guide and further packing ideas please check out this link


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