Professor Isak Frumin

Prof. Dr. Isak Frumin

Head of Observatory of Higher Education Innovations
School of Business, Social & Decision Sciences
Campus Ring 1 | 28759 Bremen | Germany
Email Address
Research Interests
  •  Higher education innovations
  •  Education technologies  
  • Agency in life trajectories
  • Conflict resolution

Academic Degrees

  • 1979 Diploma in mathematics (with honors). Krasnoyarsk State University.
  • 1981-1983 PhD student. Department of mathematics. Moscow State University. Stopped because of Soviet Army service.
  • 1990 Ph.D. (Candidate of sciences) (Education), Latvian State University.
  • 2001 Doctor of Sciences (Doctor Habilitat) (Education), Russian University of Pedagogical Science (Saint Petersburg).

Work Experience

  • 1983-1987 Director (and one of the founders) of Summer School for gifted students in physics and mathematics and Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Krasnoyarsk State University.
  • 1987-1999 Founding Principal of Krasnoyarsk University Laboratory School (first of this kind in Russia) and Professor of Education (and the head of the department of pedagogy from 1994) at Krasnoyarsk State University.
  • 1999-2011 Lead Education Specialist, The World Bank (activities in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Nepal, India).
  • 2003-2011 Adjunct Professor of Education at Moscow School of Social Sciences (teaching on joint program with Manchester University) (part time)
  • 2012 – 2021 Professor, vice-rector for strategy and international relations (till 2015) and founding director of the Institute of Education, National Research University “Higher School of Economics” – first graduate school of education in Russia.
  • 2012-2016 Advisor to the Minister of Education and Science of Russian Federation (part time)
  • Since June 2022 Head of Observatory of Higher Education Innovations, Constructor University Bremen (former Jacobs University Bremen)
  • Since June 2023 Professor, Department of Higher Education Research, University of Continuing Education, Krems, Austria (part time)


International Fellowships

  • 1994 Visiting Fulbright Scholar. University of Washington. Seattle.
  • 1996 Visiting Scholar. Lancaster University, UK
  • 1998 Visiting Scholar, University of Indiana, Bloomington
  • 1997, 1998, 1999 Visiting Scholar. University of Hawaii, Honolulu.
  • 2012 Visiting Scholar. MIT, Boston
  • 2022 Visiting scholar. Boston College


Academic awards and services

  • Fellow of International Academy of Education
  • Member of Global Education Deans Forum
  • Award for the Best Research in Education in Russia (2004, 2013)
  • Founding member of Global Observatory Higher Education Changes
  • Member of Advisory Council of UNESCO Institute of Information Technologies in Education
  • Member of the editorial boards of 11 journals
Selected Publications (Recent Books)

1. Dobryakova, M., Froumin, I., Barannikov, K., Moss, G., Remorenko, I., Hautamäki, J. (eds) Key Competences and New Literacies. UNIPA Springer Series. Springer, Cham. 2023

2. Chakseliani M., Fedyukin I., Froumin I. (Eds.) Research mission of teaching universities. Palgrave Macmillan. 2022

3. Altbach Ph., Reisberg L., Salmi J., Froumin I. (Eds.) Accelerated Universities: Ideas and Money Combine to Build Academic Excellence. Brill-Sense Publ. 2018

4. Carnoy M., Froumin I., Leshukov O., Marginson S. (Eds). Higher Education Governance in Federal Countries. Sage, 2018

5. J. Huisman, A. Smolentseva, I. Froumin (Eds). 25 Years of Transformations of Higher Education Systems in Post-Soviet Countries. Reform and Continuity. Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.

6. Carnoy M., Loyalka P., Dobryakova M. S., Dossani R., Froumin I., Kuhns K., Tilak J. B., Rong W. University Expansion in a Changing Global Economy: Triumph of the BRICs?. Stanford : Stanford University, 2013

7. How Сan Education Become the Driving Force of Socioeconomic Development? - ed. by Ya. Kuzminov, I. Froumin, and P. Sorokin, HSE University, 2022 

8. Russian Schools: the Early 21st Century - ed. by S. Kosaretsky and I. Froumin, HSE University, 2022 
9. Adult Education in Russia: Never Stop Learning - ed. by I. Korshunov and I. Froumin, HSE University, 2022 


Active Projects
  • Study of European private universities in the context of digital transformation
  • Study of Generative AI dissemination in higher education
  • Study of the role of universities in the development of constructive conflict resolution skills
Research group (Observatory of Higher Education Innovations)

The Observatory of Higher Education Innovations was established at Constructor University in September 2022.

The main functions of The Observatory of HEI are:

- to collect and analyze data on innovations in higher education

- to study the transformations of higher education in specific aspects

The Observatory of HEI is a part of the Constructor University Strategy Unit that supports the President and the Executive Board in the analysis of the competitive positioning of our institution and finding best practices worldwide.

The Observatory of HEI supports the Innovative Universities Global Webinar Series, a dynamic platform where pioneers and leaders of innovative universities share practical experience, inspiring a global community to drive a positive change in higher education.

Main Activities

  • Observation of Innovative Universities

  • Analysis of Pressing Issues at Constructor University in the context of international experience


Members of The Observatory of Higher Education Innovations:

Student Members:

  • Saniya Umurzakova - Student Coordinator

  • Omer Guzel – Student Assistant

  • Meri Grigoryan – Student Assistant

  • Emine Zeynep Tan – Student Assistant


Prof. Dr. Isak Frumin, Head of the Observatory of HEI:

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