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Usman Ramay

Usman Ramay
Usman Ramay

BSc International Logistics Engineering | 2011

Nationality: Pakistani
Current Position:  Head of Supply Chain SEU at Amazon, Luxembourg
Position at time of interview: Manager for European Supply Chain Capacity Planning

Usman Ramay
Usman Ramay
One thing I learned in life from Jacobs, and in general is, you should always focus on things that you’re interested in.
Usman Ramay

What did you search for and find here at Jacobs University?

To be honest, when I joined Jacobs, I was not even sure what I was searching for. I think I found a lot of things—I found out a lot about myself. When I joined, I just wanted a good education and to see where it goes. I think what I got was, I got an amazing bunch of friends, I got people I could look up to, learn from, I got an amazing career out of it, with Amazon, and I got this entrepreneurial spirit that has been bothering me for the last few years. So now I am also thinking of starting, or have started to work on something of my own at the side as well, and I am trying to see how that goes.

What were the strengths of your major?

I had quite a lot of majors at Jacobs. I am one of those people. When I came to Jacobs, I came to study Integrated Social Sciences. I decided after the first week of classes that that is not something that I was actually interested in. So I switched in the first week, from Integrated Social Sciences to Electrical and Computer Engineering, which was a 180º turn. I did Electrical and Computer Engineering for a year and a half, only to realize that that is not where my passion lies. Then I switched to Logistics, where I found, what I call “true love”. It was a good match—it was an amazing major, and I think still is, known as Industrial Engineering today, to a certain extent. I think the connections we had to the industry helped quite a bit, and the on-site tours that we had.

What is your advice for prospective students? How can they reach their goals?

I think the one thing I learned in life from Jacobs, and in general is, you should always focus on things that you are interested in. At some point, I somehow convinced myself to at least give something else a try—I went to a Logistics class. Sitting in that, I realized this is the first class I’ve been, where I’ve listened throughout because it was something that was interesting to me! I think the lesson in life that I would like students to think about is, do not go for something just because you have to. Do not go for Amazon because it’s a big name. Do not go for a major that everybody is doing. Look for something that you are actually passionate about—do not do things just because you feel the pressure to do them.