Constructor University Winter School Creates New Maps of Venus
During the 4th Winter School on Planetary Geologic Mapping, 600 students and young scientists focused on the planetary mapping of Venus, Icy Satellites and Small Bodies, supporting planetary missions. (Source: Basemap: NASA Voyager/Galileo, USGS, Map: USGS/Collins, et. a. (2013))


The popular Winter School on Planetary Geologic Mapping, co-organized by Constructor University, returned to Constructor for its fourth installment, taking place January 22–26, 2024. Around 600 students and young scientists from around the world participated in the program. Together with Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences Dr. Angelo Pio Rossi and his team, attendees focused on the planetary mapping of Venus, Icy Satellites and Small Bodies, supporting current and future planetary missions.

As one of the centers for planetary geologic mapping in Europe, Constructor University funded the event together with Università degli Studi di Padova. Participants came from 75 countries around the world, with the majority coming from India, Italy, Germany, the United States of America and Nigeria. Alongside Constructor University’s own scientists, lecturers came from leading European and American planetary science institutes and German, Italian and American universities.

“We’re pleased with the strong international interest in this topic,” said Rossi, who co-designed the Winter School. “Since every participant crafted their own individual map of a small planetary area, and our participants come from all around the world, we’re building a global community gearing up for future Solar System exploration.”

Theoretical aspects of the Winter School focused on the geology of several planets and bodies, including Venus, Vesta, Ceres, Ganymede, Comet 67p and Phobos. Further sessions focused on topics such as the tectonic evolution of icy satellites and the specific challenges of mapping irregular bodies.

The hands-on school was primarily devoted to crafting geological maps of Vesta, Venus, and Ganymede, all targets of recent or future planetary missions. Understanding geologic mapping and training a community for surface mapping are key for future missions. Moreover, the 3D mapping approach for exploring asteroids used by the Winter School’s participants opens up new, innovative ways of understanding irregular objects in space.


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