Oznur Bell now CEO of Constructor Knowledge and first-ever Chancellor of Constructor University
Constructor University
Constructor Knowledge and Constructor University are pleased to announce Oznur Bell has been appointed as CEO of Constructor Knowledge and elected as the first-ever Chancellor of Constructor University. (Source: Constructor)

Constructor Knowledge and Constructor University are pleased to announce Oznur Bell has been appointed as CEO of Constructor Knowledge and elected as the first-ever Chancellor of Constructor University. She will assume both roles immediately. Ms. Bell joined the Constructor ecosystem in 2022. Up until now, she has acted as COO of Constructor Knowledge and Managing Director, Executive Board Member of Constructor University.

As CEO of Constructor Knowledge, Bell will be responsible for setting the overall strategy and direction of Constructor Knowledge, the educational arm of the Constructor ecosystem. A provider of education services and advisory, Constructor Knowledge oversees Learning and Academy and supports Constructor University and Constructor Institute. In parallel, Constructor University’s Board of Governors elected Oznur Bell to the position of Chancellor. In this role, Bell will join University President Stanislav Protasov as Co-Chair of the Executive Board.

Oznur Bell

Image: Oznur Bell, first-ever Chancellor of Constructor University. (Source: Constructor)

“Oznur Bell brings a wealth of experience to Constructor Knowledge as an entrepreneur as well as former executive for a global education network,” said Katya Fisher, executive vice-chairman, Constructor Group. “Over the course of the past year Oznur Bell has proven herself an invaluable member of our organization and we are excited to have her lead our education initiatives.”

“We are looking forward to continue working with such a dedicated member of our community and the whole Constructor ecosystem,” added Philipp Rösler, vice-chairman, Board of Governors, Constructor University. “Due to Oznur Bell’s extensive experience in international university management we are convinced that she is able to drive our mission forward and lead Constructor University into a successful future.”


In her new roles, Oznur Bell brings experience from a long-established and successful career in educational services. With her strong background in education as well as strategic and digital campaigning, Bell has developed and implemented innovative programs that positively impact students' lives. She launched ‘Doğa Colleges’ branches, part of a K-12 school network with a focus on critical thinking, creativity, and leadership, showcasing her dedication to education and innovation. She was also responsible for marketing and student recruitment processes activities for six international universities under the affiliated Global Education Network, where she played a key role in developing its global presence and brand. There, she also served as an advisor to university presidents. Bell holds a B.S. degree from Middle East Technical University in Political Science and Public Administration, Economics, and a double major in Economics.  

Beyond her professional pursuits, Bell remains committed to philanthropy and education, actively advocating for social responsibility, and contributing to charitable projects aimed at earthquake relief efforts in Turkey and Syria, as well as providing education support in Kenya, Bhutan, and Tanzania. Bell's journey exemplifies how marketing can be a powerful tool for promoting meaningful causes and making a positive impact on the world.


About Constructor Knowledge and Constructor University:
Constructor Knowledge, headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, is a provider of education services with education tools, worldwide traditional and online educational services for people of any age through its various affiliates. Constructor Knowledge also provides advisory and strategic services to education customers in the fields of student recruitment, communications, and marketing support. Its subsidiaries include Constructor Learning and Constructor Academy. The greater Constructor Knowledge ecosystem includes Constructor University in Bremen, Germany, and Constructor Institute in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

Founded in 2001, Constructor University is a top-ranked, English-language, private university, with a campus in Bremen, Germany. With its interdisciplinary approach, advanced digital learning tools and accredited programs, it equips students with fundamental knowledge, critical thinking and practical skills to build their professional career and address the world’s most pressing challenges.  
The University emphasizes a synergetic and entrepreneurial spirit, offering program mentoring from top-tier professors and industry experts. Partner collaborations include the Constructor Institute in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, Carnegie Mellon, the National University of Singapore, the University of Geneva, and industry references such as Anisoprint, JetBrains and ChemDiv.  
Internationality and diversity lie at the heart of Constructor University, with more than 110 nations at its vibrant and close-knit campus community in Bremen. There, students enjoy active campus life, with access to clubs, professional networks and academic counselling, essential to their personal and academic growth.  
Research-centric faculty projects at the University are funded by the German Research Foundation, the European Union's Framework Program for Research and Innovation, and globally leading companies.  


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