Maureen Knust: Other cultures and other worlds just around the corner
Maureen Knust

Nineteen-year-old Maureen Knust started her career at Constructor University in Bremen in August 2022. Her perspective and plans before and during her apprenticeship and the impact Corona had.

Maureen has been living in Bremen for nine years and has always been interested in the Constructor University. She has been intrigued by the diversity and the integrity on campus.

“Everyone on campus appreciates that society is made up of many groups with different interests, cultures, skills, talents and needs. People can have differing religious beliefs or sexual orientations. In addition to that, they have strong values and principles, such as reliability, honesty, loyalty, and trustworthiness.”

At first, Maureen intended to explore countries, such as Japan, Korea, Vietnam, to see other cultures, because she particularly liked the contact with people from all over the world. When she was about to graduate high school, however, Japan and other countries closed all borders, which made it impossible to move there. “I was very heartbroken and had absolutely no plans on how to spend the next years,” she stated.

The arrival of the infamous Coronavirus in Germany limited Maureen’s class in fulfilling their lifelong plans and dreams. They could not travel or go on a final graduation trip, neither could they have the high school experience such as joking in the classrooms, spending the breaks in the halls and talk about the latest gossip, due to Covid-19 regulations and homeschool.
” I never knew that Constructor offered apprenticeships. I was glad that I found such a unique place, so I applied for the apprenticeship in Office Management, said Maureen.

In Germany, school graduates have the option of taking up a vocational apprenticeship instead of choosing full-time academic education. Known as ‘dual studies’ or referred to as the ‘dual education/apprenticeship system’, it is a highly regulated and well-regarded system whereby young people learn through a mix of ‘on-the-job’ training as well as in the classroom. Typically, learners will spend seventy percent of time in the workplace and thirty percent at college. Most apprenticeships take around three years and almost always lead to secure employment.

Maureen, who comes from a diverse cultural background and is proficient in English, sought a place in Germany to utilize her skills and background. Constructor University provides a chance to explore diverse cultures and visiting other countries.

“When I found out that Constructor University combines almost 110 cultures in one place with very different stories, perspectives, languages and that everyone communicates in English and comes together with the same interests, I had to apply!” she explained.

Maureen insists that the variety of her daily work, the welcoming colleagues and an insight in all departments at Constructor makes it a special and a fun place to work. “I made a wonderful decision and hope this experience will educate me further on various topics,” she mentioned.
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Maureen Knust | Apprentice Office Management


Image: Maureen Knust started her apprenticeship at Constructor University, pursuing her passion for diversity despite COVID-19 setbacks. (Source: Constructor University)