Pardis Pirayesh: Doctoral student with ambitions

Pardis Pirayesh: Doctoral student with ambitions image
Sponsored by the Wolfgang Ritter Foundation, Pardis Pirayesh is working on revolutionizing digital marketing - and making women more established in engineering subjects. (source: Pirayesh)

Having grown up in Tehran, Pardis Pirayesh came to Bremen for her doctorate in industrial engineering at Constructor University. The Wolfgang Ritter Foundation scholarship holder has big plans. According to the young researcher, her studies have the potential to revolutionize digital marketing.

“Creating Customer Digital Twins through Social Media Analytics: A Neuromarketing Approach” is the title of her dissertation, which she is writing with Dr Omid Fatahi Valilai at Constructor University. Her research combines digital marketing with the use of new technologies. ‘I want to make a contribution to technological and industrial development in Germany and in the international community,’ she says, describing her goal.

Pardis Pirayesh first studied Computer Engineering at Shahid Beheshty University and then Technology Engineering at Shiraz University in Iran. Both are among the best technical universities in the country. What attracted her to Germany, and to Constructor University in particular, was the high academic standard. "It has always been my dream to study in a challenging academic environment. And I have always done my best to realize my dreams,’ she says.

Her scholarship from the Wolfgang Ritter Foundation, which continuously supports international doctoral students at Constructor University in realizing their research projects, also contributes to this. ‘Thanks to the financial support from the Wolfgang Ritter Foundation, I can concentrate on my research work without having to worry about the cost of living,’ says Pardis Pirayesh. ‘I can carry out my research with even more enthusiasm and peace of mind.’

Women are still a minority in engineering subjects, Pardis Pirayesh would like to contribute to changing this. ‘As a woman, I have chosen my path to make a difference, to acquire the necessary skills and competences to find a good job and become independent,’ she emphasises. ‘I hope to excel in my research and serve as a positive role model for women.’

Away from research, there is of course also a life. Pardis Pirayesh enjoys travelling, is interested in getting to know other cultures - and she likes flowers. ‘I am glad that I am now in a city and a country full of beautiful flowers.

This text is part of the Faces series, in which Constructor University introduces students, alumni, professors and employees.

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