Training Medical Professionals in Their Health Literacy and to Communicate More Efficiently and Professionally: Constructor University Professor Releases New Book
Sonia Lippke
Dr. Sonia Lippke has developed training materials that help healthcare professionals communicate better and improve their patients’ health outcomes. (Source: Constructor University)

For patients to receive excellent care and recover quickly, professional communication is key. But too often, medical professionals struggle with communicating in a way that gets all their points across and ensures patient safety. This problem is now addressed by a new book by Dr. Sonia Lippke, Professor of Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine at Constructor University, and Dr. Christina Derksen, postdoctoral researcher at Queen Mary University, London.  

“I’ve had experiences I wouldn’t wish on anyone. So much of it could have been prevented.” This sentiment is a recurrent theme in Dr. Sonia Lippke’s research. She has worked with numerous patients, relatives, and healthcare workers, who overwhelmingly agree: the need for more efficient communication is immense. In training healthcare professionals, Lippke has had the same experience: “Many employees in the healthcare industry feel misunderstood, they miss good exchange with colleagues and patients and the human touch in their work. Many of them have given us the feedback that our training helped return joy to their everyday work and to fill it with more meaning.”

“Teaching and learning health literacy. Training program for social and health care workers” is the translated title of the book, recently released by Hogrefe publishing house. It is the first interdisciplinary training manual for healthcare professionals in the German-speaking world which is developed through evidence-based research and has been tested internationally. It uses state of the art scientific approaches and the materials have been shown to be effective in German clinics.  

In addition to scientific background information, the book offers training materials for healthcare professionals, tested in the field and oriented towards addressing real-world issues. They help trainees expand their skills in communication, health literacy and patient safety. Additional training materials are available online through the Hogrefe online library after purchasing the book.  

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