Studying with the Alumni Scholarship
Bilal Waraich
Bilal Waraich, student of Computer Science at Constructor University in Bremen, received one of two scholarships funded by the university’s Alumni Association. (source: Bilal Waraich)

As one of two scholarship holders of the Alumni Association, Bilal Waraich has been studying Computer Science at Constructor University in Bremen since September. Twenty-five students applied for the scholarships, which the university’s Alumni Association offers to support particularly gifted and ambitious talents.

"The decisive factor for the selection above all is that the potential scholarship holders are able to convey a vivid picture of their motivation and show what they want to achieve at the university," said Zain Dar, board member of the Alumni Association.

Bilal has obviously succeeded in this. Still a high school student, he co-founded a non-profit organization in his home country Pakistan which aims to pave the way for children to go to university by offering them educational opportunities. His older sister had already studied at Constructor University, and Bilal was also keen to study in Germany. "Graduates in Computer Science have many opportunities in Germany’s various industries," Bilal said. "A degree from Constructor University opens many doors here."

A new environment, new topics, people, impressions and inspiration: "There was a lot going on in the first few weeks of the semester, so much is happening on campus," said Bilal, summarizing his first impressions of studying at Constructor University. "There are a lot of opportunities that the university offers that I didn't even know existed."  

In the meantime, Bilal got involved in the Google Developers Student Club and was elected president of the debate club. The Alumni scholarship does not only offer financial support but also grants access to a wide network, as it includes a mentoring program. Throughout his studies, the Bilal will be accompanied by an alumna or alumnus. "When you have someone with experience by your side, it's much easier to make the right decisions."

The other scholarship holder is Lauren Melissa Torres Chavarria who is studying Global Economics and Management at Constructor University.



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