Bachelor Thesis

General Information

This module is a mandatory graduation requirement for all undergraduate students. It consists of two components in the major study program guided by a Constructor University Faculty member:

1. A Seminar (3 ECTS)


2. The Bachelor Thesis (12 ECTS)

The overall workload for the Thesis module is 375 hours. The title of the thesis will be shown on the transcript.


Within this module, students apply knowledge they have acquired about their major discipline, skills, and methods to become acquainted with actual research topics, ranging from the identification of suitable (short-term) research projects, preparatory literature searches, the realization of discipline-specific research, and the documentation, discussion, and interpretation of the results.

Intended Learning Outcomes

With their Bachelor Thesis, students should demonstrate mastery of the contents and methods of the major-specific research field. Furthermore, students should show the ability to analyze and solve a well-defined problem with scientific approaches, a critical reflection of the status quo in scientific literature, and an original development of their own ideas.

The Bachelor Thesis can also have an inter- or transdisciplinary nature - with the explicit permission of the supervisor.


Students are required to choose a thesis supervisor, at the latest, by the end of the drop-add period of the semester in which the module component is registered. The thesis supervisor must be specified to Registrar Services. The selected supervisor(s) must approve the Bachelor Thesis topic before the student starts to work towards the thesis. The respective study program coordinator(s) will assist in the search for prospective supervisor(s).


Students register for the thesis module and its two components (Thesis + Seminar), at the earliest, in their 6th semester.

The registrations must be made before the end of the respective drop/add periods and are subject to the pr-requisites as set out by the study program handbook.

Later registration is possible for those students who graduate late for other reasons. These students perform their thesis earliest in the 7th semester of their studies. They have to contact Registrar Services for individual registration.

Students are allowed to extend their thesis related work into the intersession or summer break upon approval of the thesis supervisor and Registrar Services.

Formal Regulations

The Thesis work has to be generated within the semester of registration. The semester period has 14 weeks.

The document must be between 15-25 pages in length, including references, but excluding appendices or supporting information. Deviations in length and format can be determined within individual study programs and should be communicated to all registered students by the study program coordinator.

Cover page
The cover page of the Bachelor thesis needs to show the title, the university’s name, the month and year of submission, the name of the student, and the name(s) of the reviewer(s) (thesis supervisor and, if applicable, second reviewer)

Statutory Declaration
Each Bachelor thesis needs to contain the official Constructor University declaration on authorship signed by the student that the thesis is independent work and has not been handed in elsewhere. The respective form can be found here.


The Bachelor Thesis must be submitted to Moodle. The login information is the same as your Campusnet login.

The last possible day for submission of the Bachelor Thesis for Fall 2023 is January 31, 2024.

The deadline for submission of the Bachelor Thesis for Spring 2024 is May 20, 2024.


Students who want to participate in the graduation ceremony before having completed all graduation requirements do a so-called “walkthrough”. In order to be eligible for a walkthrough, students must provide written confirmation(s) from the respective Instructor(s) of Record that they are expected to finish all graduation requirements by no later than August 31 of that academic year. The confirmation must be submitted to Registrar Services until the grade submission deadline for graduating students.