Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katrin Rosenthal

Assistant Professor of Biotechnology
School of Science
Constructor University Bremen gGmbH
Campus Ring 6 / 28759 Bremen / Germany
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++49 (0)421 200 3144
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Res. II, Room 79


Katrin Rosenthal, Siranjeevi Balakrishnan (PhD student), Amisha Rai (CBT bachelor student), Jan-Niklas Schwarz (PhD student), Jade Rivera (CBT bachelor student), Daniela Mino (CBT bachelor student), Subhan Aamir (CBT bachelor student), Hugo Martinez (CBT bachelor student),  Platon Baturin (BCCB bachelor student), Yu-Ping Lin (CBT bachelor student), Daniela Josuttis (lab technician) 



May Jan-Niklas Schwarz starts his PhD thesis. Welcome and good luck! 

April The publication Development of a multi-enzyme cascade for 2'3'-cGAMP synthesis from nucleosides was published in Catalysis Science & Technology

February The publication Fluent Integration of Laboratory Data into Biocatalytic Process Simulation Using EnzymeML, DWSIM, and Ontologies was accepted ( Co-operation with TU Dortmund and University of Stuttgart within the framework of NFDI4Cat and COZYME (COST-Action CA21162). 



December DFG-funded project for Data-driven development of enzyme cascades has been approved.  

November Siranjeevi Balakrishnan starts his PhD thesis. Welcome and good luck! 

Research Interests

Cell-free protein synthesis (CFPS)

Enzyme cascades

Kinetic and empirical reaction modelling

Development and optimization of biotransformation processes

Microfluidic systems

Sustainability analyses of bioprocesses

Intensification of bioprocesses


Teaching in Chemistry and Biotechnology

Bioprocess Engineering

Biotechnology in Action

Introduction to Biotechnology Lab

Advanced Biotechnology Lab 

Research and Teaching Positions

Unsolicited applications for academic positions are always welcome.

For Bachelor thesis, please contact by email.

Selected Publications

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Google Scholar  Katrin Rosenthal - ‪Google Scholar

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Twitter                 Katrin Rosenthal (@RosenthalKatrin) / Twitter


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Other Professional Activities

Since 2024      Co-Speaker of “Zukunftsforum Biotechnologie”, DECHEMA e. V., Germany

Since 2023       Member of COST-Action CA21162 - Establishing a Pan-European Network on Computational Redesign of Enzymes (COZYME)

Since 2020       Member of “Zukunftsforum Biotechnologie”, DECHEMA e. V., Germany

Fellowships and Awards

2021                Best Poster Award, 13. European Congress of Chemical Engineering und 6. European Congress of Applied Biotechnology, Germany

2019                 Max-Buchner Research Scholarship, DECHEMA e.V., Germany

2019                Best Poster Award, Trends in Enzymology and Biocatalysis, Rome, Italy

2018                Ulfert-Onken-Prize in Biotechnology, Germany

2011 - 2014      PhD Scholarship CLIB-Graduate Cluster, Cluster Industrial Biotechnology e.V., Germany