Entrepreneurship & Campus Diversity

Entrepreneurship & Campus Diversity

The world has become a global village by all aspects of life and adventure. Whether it’s your economy, culture, history, or movements, in this world’s age and time, everything is connected in one way or another. And if something happens today, in the remote Southern China Sea, shockwaves are felt throughout the Western world.

Talking about economy alone, let’s dig into exactly how connected we are. If you ask me, I believe the reasons for such intimacy between our economics are the ease of access to transportation and cheap and fast communication. The people all over the world are interconnected with each other with the help of transport and communication means. People use communication technology by which they are not physically connected with each other but they are mentally connected by each other. People use many transport means like buses, cars, aeroplanes, ships in order to travel from one place to another place for travelling purposes or for the purpose of meeting their loved ones.

In today’s era, social media plays one of the biggest roles in anything we do. With communication comes business opportunities. In a survey by renowned OECD, it was discovered that youth entrepreneurship is on the rise. It showed that high proportions of a developed countries’ population prefer self-employment. It also noted that youth entrepreneurship benefits an economy by creating jobs, increasing competitiveness, creating innovative goods and services, creating a strong community and cultural identity, and producing income.

The students of Jacobs University enjoy a privileged position when it comes to this global village of a world for the university proudly hosts students from over 70 countries. The environment that has been established because of this is unlike any other in my eyes. Not only one tends to learn about the different cultures, traditions, and economies, but also one can acquaint himself of the rapidly rising markets and market products making waves in different parts of the world.

At my time at the Jacobs University, I had the pleasure of meeting some of the ambitious people. I believe there’s nothing inspires you more than to see your fellows achieve great things. The company you keep, the campus you’re a part of, and the people closest to you play a vital role in whatever you aim to achieve. And on campus, the diversity of students and staff only makes this golden opportunity more appealing.



Entrepreneurship & Campus Diversity