Joana Returns

Joana Returns

Hey Constructor Students,

Bella here, and I have the biggest news ever. One of my many sources sent us this: spotted at Bremen’s Hauptbahnhof, bags in hand, Joana. Was it only a few months ago our mascot mysteriously disappeared for winter break? And just as suddenly, she’s back. Don’t believe me? See for yourselves.

Where has she been? We’re hoping she’ll share her story here too.

Duck Joana at the Bremen Hauptbahnhof

A little backstory for you here,  because who really is Joana? And why did she have a brief stint of going by a different name?

Joana took off for a little while to reinvent herself and tried going by Ioana for a hot second. But now that she’s back and better than ever, she’ll be taking the campus and world by storm, ready to represent Constructor University now more than ever.


Duck Joana at the entrance of Constructor University

Joana was later seen on the small IRC pond with a group of her long-lost friends. Ducks are social creatures, and Joana is no exception. Ducks are native to many areas of the world, yet they come together and live happily together.

But what does this mean for our feathered mascot? We’ll just have to wait and see what social events she finds herself tangled up in!

Duck Joana with her friends on the pond of Constructor University

Joana was also seen at the IRC with her semester ticket and passport in wing. We know how flighty Joana is, but just how far will she go this upcoming semester?

Duck Joana in the IRC at Constructor University

Her sense of adventure and jet-setting nature tell us she'll go far! So dear readers, stay tuned to follow her journey through the most exclusive ponds and lakes around the globe, which I'm sure will leave us all aflutter with envy.


Duck Joana in front of the Bremen Hauptbahnhof