Room of the Month: Bella

Room of the Month: Bella

Welcome back to our Room of the Month series, where we showcase the creativity and personal touch our Constructor students bring to their living spaces. This month, we're stepping into the colorful and inviting Krupp room of Bella (Earth and Environmental Sciences, Class of 2025) from the United States of America.

Student Bella sitting on the floor in her room

The first thing you see when entering Bella's room is her year-round, ever-changing-themed Christmas tree, which brings new meaning to evergreen trees. She had a Christmas tree in her room growing up that she happily decorated seasonally, so including this tradition in her dorm gave it an extra special home-away-from-home feel.

Her collection of posters is another eye-catching feature in her room! She has posters of her friends from back home that she proudly displays. Despite living far from Pennsylvania, the posters remind Bella how much her friends support her. Another quirky and cozy addition to Bella's room is her Squishmallow collection. They made the transatlantic journey vacuum-packed in her luggage. Tucked in with the Squishmallows is Spot, the Target dog, another fun keepsake from her home!

Student Bella in front of her collection of posters

If Bella were to add anything to her room, it would be more artwork related to her program. "I really like geology," says Bella. "It tells us so much about the history of the earth. I've always been a nature lover. So seeing how the world works and how old things are, and how we can date them and recognize them is so cool to me."

As an Earth and Environmental Sciences major, Bella is passionate about understanding the world around her. Whether exploring the intricacies of geology or joining many of the clubs and groups on campus, Bella's journey at college is not just about academic growth but also about personal discovery and cultural exchange.

Bellas' desk, decorated with christmas lights

"I wanted to study abroad. I had always lived on the East Coast of the US, and I applied to lots of colleges because I thought it would be such a cool experience. Most of my high school education happened online, so I wanted to go do something different," says Bella.

Despite the differences between her college dorm and her room back home, Bella has managed to infuse both spaces with her unique style and personality. With the help of her parents during her first move-in and continuous additions over time, Bella has transformed her college dorm into a home away from home. With her cozy haven as a backdrop, Bella continues to embrace new experiences and build connections that will last a lifetime!

Student Bella sitting on her bed, surrounded by stuffed animals


Student Bella sitting on the floor in her room