Offers for STEM enthusiasts in Bremen and Bremerhaven

meerMINT - the STEM-club in Bremen and Bremerhaven for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. As the Nord Dock of meerMINT, Constructor University offers all STEM enthusiasts between the ages of 10 and 16 the opportunity to tinker, program, experiment or simply chat and discuss together at fixed times.


Together with the students of Constructor University, innovative and interactive workshops are offered in the meerMINT Dock Nord. Conquer the labs and other scientific rooms on campus with the students of Constructor University! From programming and building robots together, to exploring the environment, to making cosmetics - everything is possible! Come by and meet other young people who are also interested in STEM. And all of this is free of charge!

For further questions, feel free to visit the official meerMINT website or contact me!
Juliane Kuhlmann
Base Manager meerMINT Dock-Nord
Tel: +49 421 200 3073


meermint labor
For Constructor University students

Join meerMINT as your Community Impact Project (CIP )! With the initiative “Community Impact Project”, Constructor University students engage in major-related projects for the benefit of the community to create positive change. The project meerMINT will profit from your expertise in your respective study fields, your digital knowledge, and diverse backgrounds. Since you know the campus and its capabilities best, we would like to offer workshops with your help.

Develop your own workshop in teams of up to two students and impart new skills to high school students and help them draw motivation and ideas regarding STEM. Thematically, every topic between programming robots, experiments on renewable energies, the construction of chain reaction machines, or the creation of cosmetics is possible. With such workshops you can impart your skills to high school students and help them to draw motivation and ideas regarding STEM.

For further questions, please contact:
Juliane Kuhlmann (for further information on meerMINT)

Alena Klein (for organisational concerns towards CIP)

meerMINT summercamp
"Nature and Environment" summer camp

Researching, experimenting and being creative – that's the focus of the vacation camp of the meerMINT initiative on the campus.

Surrounding the motto nature and environment, school children aged 10 - 13 can research, experiment and get creative on various topics. Whether it's experiments on climate change, programming sensors, researching natural and environmental phenomena or exploring the environment with a microscope: participants are encouraged to contribute and implement their own ideas and interests. An excursion is also planned for two days, but the exact destination has not yet been revealed.

The vacation program takes place from August 7th to 11th, daily from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Those who wish may come to the dock as early as 9 a.m. and have breakfast together, pursue small STEM projects or explore the Constructor University campus. Food and drinks will have to be brought by each person.
The workshop language is German.

To register - until July 28th -, please write to:
Juliane Kuhlmann

Further / Background information

meerMINT is one of 22 educational clusters currently funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The network-members are going to establish four new bases - called meerMINT docks - in Bremen and Bremerhaven, which will offer STEM-related activities close to home and at fixed opening hours. And Constructor University is the dock for Bremen-Nord. This are the network-members:

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