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Aleksandar Gyorev

Aleksandar Gyorev
Aleksandar Gyorev

BSc Computer Science | 2015

Nationality: Bulgarian
Current Position: Software Engineer at Two Sigma, New York, USA
Position at time of interview: Software Engineer at Leanplum, San Francisco, USA

Aleksander Gyorev
Aleksander Gyorev
Jacobs was my top and only choice. :)
Aleksander Gyorev

Some details about Aleksandar:

  • Medalist from international informatics Olympiads
  • Former captain of the male rowing team at Jacobs & winner in the mixed 8 in the German University Championships (DHM)
  • Joined an early stage Bay Area startup as one of the first engineers and helped it scale the engineering team 4x


What attracted you to Jacobs out of all the other possibilities you were considering?

I already had a few friends who were students there and got hooked on the well-set up campus, housing, catered food and the activities, so I knew exactly where I wanted to go, and there was no doubt in my mind about it.

What did Jacobs do for you that you were not expecting?

Expand my view of the world in ways that were unimaginable for me at the time, coming from Eastern Europe, as well as create long-lasting meaningful friendships, through my involvement with the rowing team, the campus life and my college mates.