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Ivan Záhorec

Ivan Záhorec
Ivan Záhorec

BA Integrated Social Sciences | 2004

Nationality: Slovakia
Current Position and company:  Freelancer, Bratislava, Slovakia

Ivan Záhorec
Ivan Záhorec
The main advantage of the Jacobs experience is that if you did your forging of friendships and acquaintances right, wherever you go in the world, you can find a friend.
Ivan Záhorec

What was the best thing about studying at Jacobs University?

  • Campus life
  • Experiencing Germany and the whole world in one location
  • Professor-to-student ratio enabling small classrooms with intense interactions

What did you like about your major? Would you recommend it?

Integrated Social Sciences – main advantage: very broad overview of the mechanics of the world, the why and what that's happening in it. I would recommend it highly as a way of finding one's bearings. Regarding future career: either continue the academic/research path or specialize by means of combining with focused graduate program or work/internship/traineeship experience.

Please describe your career journey so far and your current role..

After Jacobs, I started in international cooperation projects, where thanks to my skills acquired at the university, I started profiling as project manager. This was further advanced in my graduate studies where I studied project management. And basically, ever since I've been in the position of either project manager or project consultant throughout a multitude of projects and customers. In my current role, I'm a freelance project manager providing my services e.g. to large international utility company and managing some of their projects.

How did your time at Jacobs influence your career?

Significantly. And not only the formal content of education but even more so the informal context of the whole place. In many career paths you need to interact with people from across the globe and it tremendously help if you can relate to them and understand their situation and culture. In few locations do you have the whole world condensed in such a small place. Also, soft skills gained during classes were invaluable in "the real world".

Did your internship during your studies help you get your career started?

Yes, although the path was not straightforward. However, I am sure I wouldn't be where I am now without the internship.

Did the alumni network help you start your career?

A little bit at the beginning.

A word to prospective students.

In retrospect, I consider my Jacobs experience very positive and it helped in my personal and professional life. I suggest you reach out to me or other alumni, ask questions and use their insights to better understand what are the opportunities but also challenges ahead to be better prepared to overcome them.