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Yingzhao Zhu

Yingzhao Zhu
Yingzhao Zhu

BA Integrated Social Sciences | 2016

Nationality: Chinese
Graduate School: MA Management, École supérieure des sciences économiques et commerciales Business School, Paris – Singapore
Current Position:  Pre-Service ECT, FROEBEL Australia Limited, Sydney, Australia
Position at time of interview: MA student

Yingzhao Zhu
Yingzhao Zhu
I really didn’t expect that I could gain such a high degree of intercultural tolerance and understanding after the three years.
Yingzhao Zhu

Tell us about your path.

I graduated in 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Social Sciences from Jacobs University Bremen. After one year of working in an internet marketing company in Berlin, I am currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Management at ESSEC Business School (on the Singapore campus at the moment), planning to specialize in Economics and Marketing.

What attracted you to Jacobs out of all the other possibilities you were considering?

I still remember clearly that I chose JU because I was looking for a university that could offer me some unique experience, both academically and personally. JU is based in Bremen, Germany, but has a very international student body and a wide range of possibilities to engage in intercultural activities and events. I have always wanted to meet different people with different background and stories, and this seemed to be one of the best choices – and indeed, it turned out to be true!

Also, my major ISS was considered by me as a good option to lay a solid understanding of the world. Its broad curriculum and the possibility to choose cross-major electives made my academic journey much more flexible. This also enriched my experience of studying on the JU campus a lot. Besides JU, at the time of application, I was considering several universities in the US and planned to major in Journalism.

What did Jacobs do for you that you were not expecting?

I really didn’t expect that I could gain such a high degree of intercultural tolerance and understanding after the three years. It was one of the best parts – after graduation, I found myself easily adapted to different types of academic and professional environment, with high flexibility to quickly adjust and integrate to them.

Also, the strong alumni network, the full support and heart-warming connections from alumni around the world are definitely amazing. I want to sincerely thank all the alumni and classmates that have helped and supported me for this journey, and I will be more than willing to help and keep in touch with any prospective/current students with what I can.

A word to prospective students

What you will experience at JU will be with you forever, and you will be amazed at how amazing they will turn out to be… lessons for life, friends for life, and memories for life. It’s a place that inspires you to figure out, and be who you want to be.