Women's International Leadership Conference

Women’s International Leadership Conference (WIL)

WIL Conference

The Women’s International Leadership Conference (WIL) empowers womxn with diverse academic and professional backgrounds from around the world to take charge of their careers and put themselves on the path to leadership. Undergraduate students at Jacobs University have been organizing the conference since 2015.
Our vision:

  • Emphasize a new era in Womxn's history: their Enlightenment
  • Celebrate Womxn pushing boundaries + realizing their full potential
  • Raising awareness to the prevailing discrimination Womxn still face
  • Inspire particularly female students to aim for high career goals.
Women’s International Leadership Conference (WIL)
Women’s International Leadership Conference (WIL)

About the Conference:

The event will take place from April 30th - May 1st, 2022. Due to the pandemic, it will be held online.
Beyond the conference, WIL seeks to create a network of people interested in advancing womxn's role in the professional and social sphere.  

Who will participate:

  • We are expecting speakers from all over the world, from various social and professional backgrounds. Our guests include academics, social entrepreneurs, CEOs, politicians, activists, engineers and so on.
  • Our main target audiences are undergraduate and graduate students. However, everyone with an interest in the topic is more than welcome to participate. Tickets can be purchased on our website from the beginning of February onwards.

Interested in becoming part of the WIL network?

  • Via the form below, you can donate to our cause.
  • If you or your company are interested in collaborating with us, contact us (see info below) and we will send you more info about our sponsor packages.
  • We are also cooperating with other women’s organizations in the Bremen area and beyond to unite our interests and leading the way for the feminist cause!

For more info and regular updates, check out our social media accounts: Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn.

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Contact us

For questions regarding the Women’s International Leadership conference or this related donation site, please contact:

Hersa Bregu
Email: h.bregu@jacobs-university.de

To find out more about Constructor University and our programs, please contact us any time. We would be pleased to welcome you on campus and show you more about the university in person.

Your Constructor University Outreach & International Development Team


Claudia Spieker
Outreach & International Development
Telephone: 0421 200 4235
Email: cspieker@constructor.university

Christian Wilkens
Outreach & International Development
Telephone: 0421 200 4237
Email: c.wilkens@constructor.university

Women’s International Leadership Conference (WIL)
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