CHE Results are in: Constructor University comes out on top
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Constructor University celebrates excellent marks in the latest CHE Ranking, placing it among the top universities in Germany in certain categories (source: Constructor University).

Constructor University in Bremen proudly announces its outstanding performance in the latest Center for Higher Education Development (CHE) Ranking. The ranking, which includes students' evaluations on the study conditions at their university, was published on May 2nd. The University has achieved exceptional results across various disciplines, affirming its commitment to academic excellence and student satisfaction.

The CHE University Ranking, which appears exclusively in the ZEIT Study Guide and on HeyStudium by ZEIT ONLINE, surveyed nearly 120,000 students and is the most comprehensive and detailed comparison of universities in the German-speaking world. The ranking includes students' assessments of the study conditions at their university as well as facts about teaching and research for more than 10,000 degree programs.

This year, the evaluation encompassed seven subjects: Five fields, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Physics, and Political Science, entered the student-feedback rankings; while Geosciences and Mathematics were evaluated in terms of their research. Constructor University emerged above the national average in the majority of ranking indicators.

Particularly noteworthy is the exceptional performance of Biology, Chemistry and Political Science, where students’ feedback created above-average markers for nearly every category. In Mathematics and Geosciences, Constructor University received exceptional ratings, notably for the number of publications per scientist and third-party funding per scientist, highlighting its commitment to excellent research and academic advancement. In the area of physics, the university earned the highest rate, together with one other institution, in the category of graduation in the appropriate time (undergraduate).

Another one of Constructor University's standout achievements is its focus on practical learning experiences. Constructor University students in the area of biology and life sciences expressed very high satisfaction in laboratory work, earning 4,8 out of 5 stars making it the top-rated university out of 44 German universities in this category. In the same subject area, Constructor University received 4.7 out of 5 rating for the ‘overall study situation,’ reflecting its emphasis on hands-on learning and skill development.

Proud of the evaluation, University Provost Prof. Werner Nau commented: “These results affirm our dedication to ensuring student satisfaction and success in their academic journey.” The cornerstone of the CHE results is particularly the ability for students to provide direct feedback.

“The courses go into a good depth which reflects the year of study. What stands out most for the teaching are the professors’ dedication to their students and the modules they teach. Moreover, they offer great hands-on experience when it comes to very well-organized laboratory courses.” -anonymous student, Biochemistry and Cell Biology Program

“The courses offered within the IRPH degree program are of exceptional quality and thematic intensity. The lecturers are very committed and always open to the students. Their work makes the program extremely attractive.” -anonymous student, International Relations: Politics and History Program

Additionally, Constructor University celebrated a significant milestone as its student body continues to grow, along with its participation in the ranking. Five out of seven evaluated subjected areas received enough feedback from students to get ranked- including smaller programs, such as Physics and Data Science.

These evaluations contribute to the overall success of Constructor University, positioning it as a leading institution in higher education, both nationally and internationally, in the German-speaking world.

The CHE Ranking, conducted by the “Centrum für Hochschulentwicklung” (CHE), provides valuable insights into the quality of higher education institutions in Germany. Constructor University's performance emphasizes its commitment to providing exceptional educational experiences and creating a supportive learning environment for its students.

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