Constructor University Foundation of America supports two dedicated students with 5,000 EUR
Alecsia Dumitru-Carausu (left) received the Claus Halle stipend, whereas Ömer Güzel (right) was awarded the Ronny Wells scholarship. Both are provided by CUFA and are worth 5,000 euros. (Source: Constructor University)

They are talented, ambitious and want to make the world a better place: the new scholarship recipients of the Constructor University Foundation of America (CUFA) have been announced. Alecsia Dumitru-Carausu received the Claus Halle stipend, whereas Ömer Güzel was awarded the Ronny Wells scholarship. Both are provided by CUFA and are worth 5,000 euros.

Alecsia's parents are from Romania, she herself was born in Spain and raised in Texas, USA. "My whole life is about diversity, so I am convinced that Constructor University is a perfect fit for me," she said. Alecsia is studying Biochemistry and Cell Biology and, after her first year of study, she is particularly enthusiastic about the laboratory work: "We get to gain laboratory experience very early in our studies and the lectures provide detailed knowledge. This makes the study program in Bremen stand out in my eyes." She received the Claus Halle Scholarship because of her commitment to passing on her newly learned skills and applying them in joint project work. American citizenship is a prerequisite for application.

Ömer Güzel is studying Global Economics and Management and is the co-founder of ResQme, a startup that aims to use the latest technologies to reduce response times to natural disasters in countries of the global south and connect those affected with supporters. "Ömer Güzel is an entrepreneur dedicated to creating a better world," reads the scholarship selection committee's statement. "His ability to think systemically and bring together diverse networks of people and resources enables him to meet challenges with innovative approaches. With his work, Ömer embodies the spirit of Ronny Wells by actively building communities and meaningfully changing the lives of others."

Mathematics professor Dr. Raymond Wells, known as Ronny, was one of the founders of the international university in Bremen, now called Constructor University. Similar to Claus Halle, the first founding chairman of the University’s Foundation of America, Ronny Wells is committed to fostering understanding and respect within the community of nations and to cross-disciplinary collaboration to solve complex problems.

The Constructor University Foundation of America is a non-profit organization in the United States with the mission of supporting Constructor University in Bremen, Germany. Their activities in the US include fundraising, sponsorship of scholarships for the university, alumni outreach, community events, and more.

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About Constructor University:
An international community, vibrant and diverse. Offering academic excellence, ensuring the highest standards in research and teaching. Empowering students to solve the world's pressing challenges through knowledge and science: Constructor University is a top-ranked, English-speaking, private university. Founded in 2001, it provides a wide range of 25+ academic programs and PhD. The Constructor ecosystem comprises the University, located in Bremen, Germany, and an institute in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.
Over 1.800 students from more than 110 nations on campus benefit from a unique interdisciplinary, foundational theoretical and practical education. Enriched with a buzzing entrepreneurial culture that prepares young professionals to thrive in the job market. With 6.000+ alumni worldwide, our community keeps growing – with our highest cohort ever registered in 2022.
The research-centric faculty projects are funded by the German Research Foundation and the European Union's Framework Program for Research and Innovation as well as by globally leading companies.
The Constructor ecosystem benefits from partnerships with high-ranked universities such as Carnegie Mellon, the University of Geneva or the National University of Singapore School of Computing, and technology companies such as Anisoprint, JetBrains and ChemDiv.

Constructor is a global institution dedicated to addressing the main challenges of the world through science, education, and technology. Apart from the University in Bremen, the ecosystem comprises an Institute in Schaffhausen (Switzerland) and several for-profit entities that provide technology infrastructures and solutions, life-long education programs, consulting services, and funding.

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