First Annual Research Day was a Success

Around 300 students used the first annual Research Day at Jacobs University to network and explore opportunities to engage with different research themes. (Source: Theresa Roewer) ,

October 18, 2022

On October 5, 2022 the first annual Research Day took place at Jacobs University. The goal was to showcase on-campus research and connect students with the different groups. Around 300 students used the occasion to network and explore opportunities to engage with different research themes.

The afternoon started off with a speed-dating-like presentation of about 31 research groups in the Conference Hall, exploring topics ranging from cell biology to underwater marine robotics. Each of them had one minute to present their work, as well as ways for students to join projects and lab work on campus. Afterwards, each group had a booth in the Campus Center Foyer where students were able to reach out individually and even sign up for projects. A coffee cart and lecture-free afternoon added to the buzzing atmosphere.

“We didn’t expect so many people to join”, said Theresa Roewer, one of the student organizers, “It was a great success! Students were very thankful for this initiative.” For most students it was especially revealing that they have the chance to join research groups from different fields which enables them to develop a diverse skillset and explore new career paths.

The organizing team, supported by Professors Franziska Deutsch, Marc-Thorsten Hütt and Sören Petrat, is already planning next year’s event. It is their aim to achieve more transparency on the research done on campus to increase interdisciplinary engagement and enhance the student’s learning process. Theresa is convinced that they will be able to get even more students to come and research groups to join. “It is a great way of encouraging conversation and collaboration between students and faculty,” she said.