Constructor University Alumni Assembled for an unforgettable Homecoming Weekend
Homecoming Weekend

Image: Alumni of the classes of 2018, 2013, and 2008 celebrated their 5, 10, and 15 year reunions at this year's Homecoming celebrations. This image recreated the traditional hat toss photo that each class takes on their graduation day, with the Constructor duck mascots instead of hats (source: Constructor University, Ilya Kompasov).


Of course, staying in touch is easy these days thanks to social media and also an occasional visit is possible – but reuniting in the place that has shaped important years of your life is even more special. This created the atmosphere for the traditional Homecoming of the Constructor University alumni in Bremen on September 22-24. This year’s motto? Alumni Assemble.

More than 100 alumni, friends, and guests from all over the world came together for the three-day reunion. The theme of the weekend celebrated the university’s rich history by bringing together previous relics and personas of the university’s past and present. Special guest appearances were even made by the adored Sigrid Jürgens, and members of the earliest classes of the university.

One of the highlights was the elegant Gala Fundraising Dinner on Saturday in the Campus Center East Wing. During the dinner, Alumni Association President Dr. Cornelia Scheitz stressed the importance of continued support of scholarships from the Association and the Constructor University Foundation of America. In a raffle, alumni artwork and memorabilia were up for auction to support scholarships and student initiatives. Explosive entertainment was provided by the dance group Campus Crew and there was a special first performance of the Constructor Orchestra.

Beforehand, there were many opportunities for professors, students, alumni and former faces of the university community to exchange ideas and network. Friday evening featured a barbecue dinner on the Campus Center Terrace with staff, faculty, and students amidst the glow of a perfect autumn evening. After the BBQ, many took advantage of the “Basement Tours of RLH” with longtime Campus Life employee Sigrid Jürgens before heading over to TOS. At the Career Symposium on Friday evening, topics from the fields of career development, new work and the interactions between higher education and society were discussed.

There was also a look ahead: the following day, University President Prof. Dr. Stanislav Protasov and Philipp Rösler, Vice President of the Supervisory Board, informed about the future plans of the university and answered the questions of the alumni “I am especially happy about the new levels of transparency among the university leadership. This is something we missed in the past,” said alumna Sophia Junker from the class of 2018. The Association gained a new name following this weekend following the University’s own rebranding: “Beyond the Pond.”

Giving back to the community - that's a recurring theme of Homecoming festivities. One of the ways the Alumni Association supports these efforts is by providing scholarships to students who embody the university's values of striving for excellence, diversity, interdisciplinarity and social engagement in a special way. This year, two students benefited from the grant: Lauren Melissa Torres Chavarria, from Nicaragua, who is studying Global Economics and Management, and Bilal Waraich, from Pakistan, who is studying Computer Science.


Homecoming Weekend

Image: Following the Career Symposium, alumni, faculty, staff, and students gathered at the Campus Center Terrace for an evening barbecue (source: Constructor University, Ilya Kompasov).

Homecoming Weekend

Image: A new addition to the weekend activities involved underground tours of campus with former employee Sigrid Jürgens, who is adored by all generations of Constructor alumni (source: Cornelia Scheitz).

Homecoming Weekend

Image: One of the main objectives of the Alumni Homecoming weekend is to connect alumni with the university leadership. Throughout the entire weekend, Dr. Stas Protasov, President of Constructor University, was present at most events. He even won a raffle for a "University Memory Bag" at the Gala Dinner to raise money for student scholarships (source: Constructor University).



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