Ready to Fly: Constructor University Celebrates Graduating Class of 2024

Ready to Fly: Constructor University Celebrates Graduating Class of 2024 header image
The festivities culminated with the traditional Hat Toss performed by the graduating Class of 2024. (source: Constructor University)

This week, 401 talented young minds received their certificates for completing one of the undergraduate and postgraduate study programs at Constructor University in Bremen. The occasion marks the international private university’s 21st graduating class overall, the second since its name change in 2022. On Tuesday, June 11th, the festivities began with a Commencement Gala full of inspiring speeches and performances, followed by the Diploma Ceremonies on June 12th.

Over 1400 members of the Constructor community celebrated our graduates as they took to the stage to receive their honors under this year’s motto “Ready to fly”. The two-day graduation festivities began on Tuesday with the Graduation Commencement Gala, at which graduates, together with members of the faculty, their friends and families from all over the world, looked back on their studies at Constructor University in Bremen and looked ahead towards their bright futures.

At the heart of the celebration were the words of this year’s graduates, who marked the occasion with emotional remarks in their fireside chat:


“For me, Constructor University will always have been ‘the place’ -  
and the people here my home.”  
Hazim Saleem, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biotechnology 

“[At Constructor University] I learned the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things.” 
Maya Ahlden, Bachelor of Science in Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology 

“We will make mistakes, but it is from our errors that we will learn.  
I am excited to see who we are individually, and who we will become together.”  
Tsitsi Mabangure, Master of Science in Supply Chain Management


Graduation Press Release
Graduation Press Release


University President Dr. Stanislav Protasov addressed the graduates with inspiring remarks, encouraging them to embrace challenges and the chance to learn: “When you try to make the perfect plan, you can succeed only if it is something that you already know how to do.”  Dr. Serg Bell, Chairman of the Board of Governors of Constructor University, echoed Protasov’s sentiments and highlighted the chances promised by innovation in knowledge production. “AI will automate creativity, the ability to create and to spread knowledge.” By embracing technology, he stated, graduates will be able to make their mark on the world. “This is a time in which leaders are born.”  

Graduation Press Release

In her commencement address, Prof. Alexandra Boltasseva, Ron And Dotty Garvin Tonjes Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University and Chairwoman of the Strategic Advisory Board at Constructor Group, looked back upon her own time in academia. For her advice for the graduates, she quoted pianist Dr. Orit Wolf: “Break the rules and make them your own.” The world, she stated, needs “people who are comfortable being uncomfortable”, and who are ready for change. In this, she added, graduates have an excellent example in their soon to be alma mater: “Constructor is a disruption to this world – in the best way possible.” 

Other speakers included Dr. Cornelia Scheitz, President of the Alumni Association, Elena Novoselova, Member of the Board of Governors at Constructor University, Francoise De Sutter, Alumna from the class of 2015, and Gunnar Sgolik, mayor of the district of Vegesack. The Gala program was rounded off by various student-led musical contributions and performances. 

On Wednesday, graduates were acknowledged for their outstanding achievements, receiving their diplomas in the presence of their families and friends during the formal Diploma Ceremonies. Numerous guests of honor, including senior university officials, faculty members, and friends and supporters of the university were also present to rejoice along with the students. The festivities culminated with the traditional Hat Toss to mark this momentous occasion and special time in the lives of all graduates.  

Constructor University sincerely congratulates all graduates of the Class of 2024 as they take flight into a bright future filled with growth, success and happiness.  

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