Recognized for outstanding teaching and engagement – Constructor University’s Teachers of the Year
Teachers of the year 2023
Recognized for outstanding teaching and engagement – Constructor University’s “Teachers of the Year”. From left to right: Dean Prof. Dr. Arvid Kappas, Dr. Kinga Lipskoch, Dr. Omid Fatahi Valilai, Prof. Dr. Susanne Illenberger, Dean Prof. Dr. Alexander Ome

Every year, the students of Constructor University in Bremen nominate their teachers for their exemplary teaching, commitment and helpfulness outside the seminar rooms. The award winners were announced at the traditional event at the beginning of the academic year on September 1st.

Prof. Dr. Susanne Illenberger, Distinguished Lecturer in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Dr. Kinga Lipskoch, University Lecturer of Computer Science, and Dr. Omid Fatahi Valilai, Distinguished Lecturer in Industrial Engineering, were all delighted to receive the coveted "Teacher of the Year" award.

Susanne Illenberger has been teaching biochemistry and cell biology at the private university in Bremen for 17 years. Her students in the School of Science especially appreciate her well-structured classes, where she takes a lot of time to cover different topics and explain correlations. Furthermore, she provides additional material such as videos and presentations and is also approachable for her students outside of the seminars: “She has been an incredible help in navigating major and minor course arrangements; I am deeply thankful for the tremendous effort that she puts into her work,” commented one student. The award acknowledges Illenberger’s true calling, teaching. With this calling, she hopes to share her enthusiasm for the life sciences with others and inspire them.

Kinga Lipskoch received just as much praise from the students of the School of Computer Science & Engineering. They emphasized not only how dedicated she is to teaching, but especially the approachability and the understanding she shows students at all levels: "Awesome teacher, always helpful and approachable, who cares deeply about her students,” said one student echoing the students’ consensus. "Mama Kinga" Lipskoch has been teaching computer science at Constructor University for 10 years. The award motivates her to steadily improve her teaching and the material. What she appreciates most about her students is their eagerness to learn and their creative ideas when they participate in class.

Omid Fatahi Valilai also received high praise for his dedication and teaching style. "Throughout his time teaching, Professor Omid has consistently demonstrated a teaching style that is engaging, inspiring, and effective in promoting student learning," raved one student. Furthermore, his way of supporting students and encouraging their own ideas was recognized. And indeed, what Valilai values most, are the moments when students accept the tasks set and work together to find a solution using the knowledge they have acquired. He particularly appreciates the creativity and innovations that arise from the diversity that is practiced on campus.

On behalf of the entire Constructor University community, Provost Werner Nau as well as Deans Arvid Kappas and Alexander Omelchenko, congratulated the three winners at this year's opening ceremony of the academic year, the Annual Opening on September 1st. They also thanked the entire teaching staff of the university for their tireless efforts to provide the best possible support to students and to guide and accompany them on their way through their studies.



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