Victor Tilgner: The whole world right on his doorstep
Prospective event manager: Victor Tilgner has been doing an apprenticeship at Jacobs University Bremen since 2018. (Source: Jacobs University) ,


January 7, 2020

Not only did he grow up in Bremen but he also went to school there. Now, the 20-year-old started his professional career in Bremen, too: as a trainee at Jacobs University, but that wasn’t planned at all. The prospective event manager only found his first job in Bremen-Nord on a detour that took him as far as Latin America.

“Originally I intended to study after my high school degree”, Victor says. “I didn’t take a traineeship into account for a long time.” However, he didn’t decide for a specific study program right after he finished secondary school in Bremen. Only one thing was certain: he was in the mood for an adventure. Therefore, he traveled to Latin America together with a friend from school, in order to explore the region and gain new experiences. Additionally, he had time to make plans for the time after his return home.

Victor particularly liked the contact with people from all over the world, whom he met during his journey. Different life stories, different perspectives - that made him want more: “I realized that I wanted to educate myself in an international environment. Exchanging with other travelers as well as with locals on different cultures inspired me a lot."

After he returned from his journey, the young globetrotter decided to do a temporary job, which led him to Jacobs University in Northern Bremen. That was in June 2018. “I had never been to Jacobs University before”, he explains. He keeps his first visit there in positive memory: "I was immediately intrigued by the diversity. So many students from so many different countries". The atmosphere was almost the same as during his trip.

When the graduation ceremony 2018 was finished, Victor talked to the newly graduates and informed himself on the study program offered by the international campus university. He could well imagine a future at Jacobs University. First, he considered a study program, but then he discovered another way for himself that he hadn't thought about before. “I learned that Jacobs University is offering apprenticeships, too. I had never heard of an apprenticeship as event manager before, but after a short research it became clear to me that this job was just right for me. I particularly liked the idea of working practically right after graduating from high school”, the young man from Bremen says.

Just a short time later, he applied for an apprenticeship at Jacobs University. He was invited to two job interviews, in which he was able to convince the recruiter that he was the right candidate for the position. Just a few weeks later, his new colleagues welcomed him on his first day. Victor particularly likes the variety of his daily work. He is also fascinated by the varied insights into all kinds of university work. "During my apprenticeship, I pass through many different departments and get to know the event organization from different points of view. Thus, I quickly realized how much work it really takes to organize an event." So far, he worked in the press and the events department as well as in the HR team.

In his spare time Victor does a lot of sports, especially a martial art called Muay Thai. He also plays soccer in Jacobs University’s soccer team on a regular basis. "Like this, I get to know the community from a different perspective.”

Victor obviously feels comfortable at Jacobs University. In Northern Bremen he found exactly what he was searching for in Latin America: the whole world right on his doorstep.

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