Data Engineering

Data Engineering

Data Engineering
Master of Science - Graduate program
Career perspectives

Demand for Data Engineers is massive. Typical fields of work encompass the finance sector, the automotive and health industry as well as retail and telecommunications. Companies and institutions in almost every domain need:

  • Experts for data acquisition who find out how to collect the data needed;
  • Experts for data management who know how to store, enhance, protect and process large amounts of data efficiently;
  • Experts for data analysis who evaluate and interpret the collected data correctly and are able to visualize the findings clearly.
  • Graduates of the program work as data analysts, data managers, data architects, business consultants, software and web developers, or system administrators;

A MSc degree in Data Engineering also allows students to move on to a PhD and a career in academia and research institutions.

The employability of Data Engineering graduates is promoted by organizing contacts with industry and research institutes throughout the curriculum. In the first semester, in the Current Topics in Data Engineering seminar, companies and research groups introduce their field of interest. The advanced projects, in the second and third semester can be combined with internships in research institutes or companies. In the second and third semester, the participation in public big data challenges is organized as integral part of the curriculum.

Moises Daniel Garcia Rojas

BSc Data Engineering
Nationality: Mexican

This University is a fantastic place to study. The internationality of staff and students make me improve myself. Also I’m surrounded by funny people with whom I can get along very well.

I am studying Data Engineering. I think this is a degree with a promising future – whether it is in industry or research. The professors are eager to help me. They are really excited and committed to share their knowledge

Moises Daniel Garcia Rojas
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