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Global Economics and Management

Global Economics and Management
Bachelor of Arts - Undergraduate program
Career perspectives

Solid labor-market qualification
With its combination of economics and management, students acquire solid labor-market qualifications for junior management positions with responsibilities in function-specific tasks and projects within areas of employment such as business development, sales and marketing, human resource management, organizational development, strategy and technology consulting, as well as for analyst positions in these fields or in specific industries.

Well-prepared for top global career paths
In the last years, our graduates obtained internships and positions in a variety of institutions, including the World Bank, MIT, or the Harvard Kennedy School, and at companies such as Daimler, Deloitte, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Börse, Ernst & Young, Henkel, KPMG, LinkedIn, Microsoft, PwC, Uber, Vodafone, Volkswagen, or Zalando, as well as in various startups. A degree in GEM will also equip students with transferable skills that will allow them to move into other areas of employment in a variety of employers such as national and multi-national companies, governmental agencies, NGOs, international organizations, think tanks, special interest groups, or research institutions.

Well-prepared for top-league graduate education
The GEM program has taken JU’s graduates onto a rich diversity of career paths. The academic rigor of the program prepares students for highly ranked graduate programs. GEM alumni have a strong track record with leading institutions around the world, such as the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, St Gallen, Bonn, Munich (TUM) and Mannheim, and graduate schools such as ESADE, Copenhagen Business School, BI Norwegian Business School, Hertie School of Governance, London Business School, and the London School of Economics.

Individual career counseling and support
Due to their experience of working and living with students from more than 100 countries on Constructor University’s international campus, GEM graduates are well prepared to take on responsibility in intercultural work environments. What is more, the Constructor University Career Services Center offers students, amongst others, access to an exclusive internship program, individual career counseling, professional skills seminars, an online job portal, and employer networking during on-campus recruiting events.

Isabel Gora

BA Global Economics and Management | 2014
Nationality: Zimbabwean

The Global Economics and Management program taught me soft skills that are quite handy in the business world today. The constant presentations, multiple group projects, and unlimited deadlines prepared me for the corporate world. The transdisciplinary approach prepared me to be able to work in a diverse working environment where mechanical engineers come together with psychologists and software engineers to solve problems.

 Isabel Gora
Varun Dadlani
Varun Dadlani

BA Global Economics and Management | 2013
Nationality: Chilean/Indian

There are obviously the academic aspects and the more theoretical stuff that we were learning in classes around my major, which was Global Economics and Management. I think it is super relevant to what I do today, which is management as well. I think what prepared me even more than the academics is just the environment here, being able to study with people from more than 100 different countries, live together and kind of grow together. I think that is where my most learning happened and where I really felt “Wow I have so much to give back to the world” and I am really excited to do that.

Alumni gallery

Graduates of Constructor University follow a variety of career paths all over the world – may it be a professional or academic career or even the leap into entrepreneurship.

We want to share with you some of the exciting stories of our alumni.

Read what they have to say about the Constructor University experience and how it helped them personally and professionally.

Career services center

Today’s business world requires disciplinary knowledge from graduates as well as the ability to apply this knowledge. Career-related services at Constructor University provide information, counseling and training, networks, and events. Constructor University’s students participate in trainings on project management, business communication, job interview skills, and more. Digital job and internship portfolios help students to prepare for their career.

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Alumni association

Studying at Constructor University gives you connections – often for your whole life.

The Alumni Association E.V. was founded in 2004 by the first generation of graduates. Since then, around 4,500 students have obtained their degrees from this University.

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