Robotics and Intelligent Systems

Robotics and Intelligent Systems
Bachelor of Science - Undergraduate program
Career perspectives

Career options include areas such as research and development or management tracks in automotive and transport, robotics and automation, communication technologies, marine technology and logistics industries. Given the increasing need for automation of daily life tasks through intelligent mobile systems, there is a significant number of career options in addition to the core ones that are covered in the program.

The robotics and intelligent systems program matches scientific content with real-world use cases. This is a strength of the Constructor offer, to introduce students to real-world applications.

Field trips and participation in robotics competitions significantly contribute to bringing students closer to the market and to real challenges, in addition to being an excellent opportunity for professional networking.

Companies who hired recent graduates of the IMS program (Intelligent Mobile Systems, the former name of RIS) include Cambio CarSharing Deutschland, Daimler AG, Klöckner Desma GmbH, Objective Software GmbH, Ubimax.

Several graduate programs have offered a position to IMS students, including the Master in Artificial Intelligence, offered by Universita’ della Svizzera Italiana (Switzerland), the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree on Advanced Robotics, offered by Centrale Nantes (France), University of Genoa (Italy), Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), and Jaume I University (Spain), the Master in Robotics, offered by Heriot-Watt University (Scotland, UK).

The Career Services Center (CSC) as well as the Constructor Alumni Office help students in their career development. The CSC provides students with high-quality training and coaching in CV creation, cover letter formulation, interview preparation, effective presenting, business etiquette and employer research as well as in many other aspects, thus helping students to identify and follow up rewarding careers upon graduation from Constructor University. Furthermore, the Alumni Office helps students establish a long-lasting and worldwide network which represents an important asset when exploring job options in academia, industry, and elsewhere.

Mark Ray Ali

Nationality: Trinidadian and Tobagan

Knowledge only grows with the right treatment. In the robotics department, the professors impart their wisdom, experience and teach with passion, bringing what seems to be the hardest of concepts, down to a more understanding level.

I did not expect to gain this much intelligence and intuition by just talking to my professors. They genuinely care about the core of education, offering us opportunities and research options, thereby giving us hands-on experience and highlighting clear connections between the theory from class and the work in the field.

I am most thrilled about the new changes and improvements in the department.

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