Group leader
Specific themes and goals

Project 1: We have developed a new dye preparation for eye surgery, which consists of a new dye, recently developed by us, for staining and a new excipient for proper application. The preparation has been tested extensively for absence of unwanted side effects and has very recently been introduced on the market. 

Project 2: Boron clusters have unexpected properties of coordination with water, and with hosts in supramolecular chemistry. We want to understand this behavior and have therefore systematically investigated the effect of substituents on such clusters with respect to their binding to supramolecular hosts. In this endeavor, we have found greatly improved methods to attach organic moieties to the dodecaborate cluster.

Highlights and impact
  • A dye preparation for eye surgery with better clinical performance has been developed and introduced in the market.
  • New methods to functionalize the dodecaborate cluster have been developed.
  • Binding of functionalized dodecaborates to cyclodextrins has been investigated.
Group composition & projects/funding

Project 1 was carried out together with a local ophthalmologist and a company.

Project 2 was carried out with post-doctoral and doctoral fellows and third-year bachelor students.

Selected publications
  • Marei, T., M. K. Al-Joumhawy, M. A. Alnajjar, W. M. Nau, K. I. Assaf and D. Gabel (2022). “Binding affinity of aniline-substituted dodecaborates to cyclodextrins.” Chem. Commun. 58: 2363- 2366.
  • Mohr, A., P. Cendoya, J. Wilinska, M. Apostu, E. Apostu, J. Janku, T. Wilfling, G. Ramos, M. Al-Joumhawy and D. Gabel (2022). “New dual dye for vitreoretinal surgery with increased transparency.” BMJ Open Ophthalmology 7: e001116.
  • Shmal’ko, A. V., P. Cendoya, S. A. Anufriev, K. Y. Suponitsky, D. Gabel and I. B. Sivaev (2022). “New approaches to the functionalization of the 1-carba-closo-decaborate anion.” Chem. Commun. 58: 3775-3778.
  • Al-Joumhawy, M., P. Cendoya, A. Shmalko, T. Marei and D. Gabel (2021). “Improved synthesis of halo- and oxonium derivatives of dodecahydrido-closo-dodecaborate(2-).” J. Organomet. Chem. 949: 121967.
  • Al-Joumhawy, M. K., T. Marei, A. Shmalko, P. Cendoya, J. La Borde and D. Gabel (2021). “B–N bond formation through palladium-catalyzed, microwave-assisted cross-coupling of nitrogen compounds with iodo-dodecaborate.” Chem. Commun. 57: 10007-10010.