General information

Students who have been disenrolled from Constructor university but have not yet finished the degree they have originally been admitted to, may apply for readmission to the university. Please attach the following documents to the application:

  • An explanatory statement detailing why you seek readmission to the university. If you have left Constructor university because of academic or disciplinary suspension or because of illness, you are required to bring proof that these circumstances have changed. 
  • A detailed study plan for the missing graduation requirements.
  •  An amended or new study contract signed by the student, president, and procurist.

The university reserves the right to require additional documentation (e.g. medical confirmations, financial plan, or other).

The application must be handed in to the Student Records Office by no later than April 15 for the following Fall Semester and by no later than November 15 for the following Spring Semester. Only complete applications will be accepted. 


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