Administrative fees

Administrative fees

For the services of the registrar services office the following fees apply:

Transcripts, personalized English support letters and certified copies of documents:
Overall (i.e. overall studies at Constructor University and for a combination of transcripts, English support Letter and certified copies), a total of 15 copies of transcripts, English support letters and/or certified copies of documents issued by university are free of charge. For any additional document (transcript and/or certified copy of a document issued by Constructor University) students have to pay 5 €.

  • Diploma duplicate: students/alumni 25 €
  • Diploma reprint (legally required name changes): students/alumni 25 €
  • Lost/ stolen/ damaged semester ticket: 20 €
  • Lost/ stolen/ damaged campus card: 20 €
  • Re-enrollment fee: Students who need to re-enroll because they did not take care of their enrollment requirements (e.g. health insurance payments, residence permit, etc.) in time will be charged a fee of 50 €.

To pay the respective fees, please use the following bank information:
Account holder: Constructor University Bremen
Bank: Die Sparkasse Bremen
IBAN: DE73 2905 0101 0001 1818 33
Reason for transfer (Verwendungszweck): “ADD AS ABOVE” CC:3620, Name, Matriculation Number

International payments may also be made via Flywire/PeerTransfer. For further information please see here.


University fee and semester ticket fee

  • Semester ticket (all students): 229,59 € per student (141,60 € for the VBN area, 87,99 € for the additional routes of the extended semester ticket).
  • University fee for Master students: 60,00 € + 229,59 € = 289,59 € due in total
  • University fee for PhD students: 50,00 € + 229,59 € = 279,59 € due in total

Please make your transfer to the following Constructor University bank account:
Sparkasse Bremen: Am Brill 1-3, D-28195 Bremen, Germany
Constructor University Bremen gGmbH
IBAN: DE73 2905 0101 0001 1818 33


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