House rules

House rules

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The purpose of the house rules is to ensure peaceful and orderly coexistence within the international community of Constructor University Bremen and its visitors. These house rules represent binding regulations for this and follow the precepts of mutual consideration and friendly and courteous treatment of one another. Each individual must ensure that no other person is harmed, endangered, impeded or bothered by their behavior any more than is unavoidable in the circumstances. Furthermore, the rules aim to contribute to the protection and thus the most effective possible utilization of the resources of Constructor University (building, equipment, energy, etc.).

§ 1 Scope

  1. The house rules apply to all members or affiliates of Constructor University Bremen, as well as all visitors, guests and other persons in all the buildings, parts of buildings and entire sites either owned or rented by Constructor University.
  2. The house rules serve to ensure safety and order at Constructor University. They are legally binding for all members and affiliates of the university, users of the university’s facilities and persons spending time on the site or premises of the university.

§ 2 Domiciliary rights

  1. The owner of domiciliary rights is the management of Constructor University Bremen gGmbH and the Head of Campus Security.
  2. The business management can delegate the exercise of domiciliary rights for the upholding of safety and order within the domain of Constructor University to domiciliary rights designees. The domiciliary rights designees are the security service employees of the relevant commissioned company. They can be recognized from the uniforms they wear and are able to show identification on request.
  3. The instructions of domiciliary rights designees, particularly those that relate to upholding order, including cleanliness, calm and safety, must be complied with.
  4. The abovementioned category of persons is entitled to obtain and record the personal details of people located on campus, and to involve the police to establish such persons’ identity should they refuse to provide their personal details.
  5. Furthermore, statutory conditions apply for the exercise of domiciliary rights to other groups of persons, such as tenants and teaching staff, and at events.

§ 3 General terms of use

  1. Users of the facilities of Constructor University and all those within the domain of Constructor University must behave in such a way that they do not cause any disruption to teaching and research activities, the students who live here, administrative operations, other events, or any third parties.
  2. Buildings, facilities, appliances and systems may only be used for their intended purpose. As a basic rule, all facilities must be protected and left unchanged. Any obvious faults or damage must be reported immediately to the Facilities department.
  3. Cleanliness should be ensured in all areas of circulation. Facilities and outdoor installations must be kept clean and tidy. Rooms and equipment must be treated with care. Unacceptable mess, graffiti or inappropriately discarded waste will be removed at the cost of the person causing it.
  4. Those who are last to leave a room should close doors and windows, particularly when the weather (e.g. rain, storms or snow) makes this essential. Teaching and function rooms must be locked when vacated.
  5. The university cannot accept any liability for the damage and loss of private property left in the rooms used by the university. Locking the workrooms, as well as the cupboards and desks, is the responsibility of the relevant user. The keys must be kept in a safe place.
  6. Smoking is prohibited in all buildings.
  7. In all buildings, use of any open flames is prohibited except in the corresponding laboratories or teaching rooms – see also the fire prevention regulations.
  8. Escape routes, corridors and stairways must be kept clear.
  9. Equipment should be kept in working order at all times in order to prevent accidents and fires. The management should be notified wherever this is not the case.
  10. Disruptive noise must be avoided in the buildings and on the premises. This applies particularly between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.
  11. Those using information and communication tools provided must adhere to the relevant legal framework conditions (see IT policies).
  12. Photographing, filming or any other means of recording pictures and sound in lectures, meetings or events, for example, are not permitted. Any exceptions must be clarified in advance with the person responsible/lecturer and all those present.
  13. The use of drones or flying devices on the site for private or commercial purposes is only permitted with the written authorization of Constructor University. Applications for authorization for use of a drone or flying device must be made six work days before use with all the necessary documents submitted to the Head of Security.

§ 4 Compulsory identification

All the employees, students and service providers of Constructor University will receive an identification card that must be shown whenever requested.

§ 5 Campus Card, keys and transponders

  1. All those with access rights will receive a rechargeable key card (Campus Card), which must be handled carefully. These are strictly reserved for the intended individual only, may not be transferred and must not be made available to third parties. They are the property of Constructor University and must be returned when the individual leaves the university. A fee will be charged for any lost cards (see the key regulations at the teamwork site).
  2. All those with access rights will also get a programmed key (transponder), which grants access to the areas for which the person is authorized. These are strictly reserved for the intended individual only, may not be transferred and must not be made available to third parties. They are the property of Constructor University and must be returned when the individual leaves the university. A fee will be charged for any lost transponders (the key regulations at the teamwork site).

§ 6 Traffic regulations

  1. The signs and notices in place on the Constructor University site must be adhered to, as should the provisions in place for traffic regulation. The entire campus area is a reduced-traffic zone, and motorists must stick to the designated routes and speed limits.
  2. Motor vehicles and bicycles belonging to affiliates of the university and visitors may only be parked in the designated parking spaces or bike racks and must be secured against theft.
  3. Vehicles and bicycles parked on-site must not obstruct traffic or block any emergency access. No-parking signs and markings must be observed.
  4. Any contravention of points (1) – (3) may lead to individuals being banned from driving on or entering the Constructor University site. Any bans lasting longer than the day on which they are issued require the agreement of the management.
  5. Vehicles and bicycles must not be parked inside buildings. Any vehicles parked illegally will be towed away at the cost of the motorist. Any bicycles parked illegally will be removed and treated as lost property.

§ 7 Minors on campus

  1. Minors are only permitted within the domain of Constructor University when accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult. An exception is made for minors who are enrolled students of Constructor University.
  2. Minors entering the domain of Constructor University as part of an internal or external event may not leave the site without being accompanied by a supervising adult.

§ 8 Animals on the campus

  1. Keeping animals within the domain of Constructor University is not permitted, unless it is for the purposes of teaching and research.
  2. Regularly bringing pets to the domain of Constructor University or keeping pets within this domain is only permitted with authorization from Constructor University. Applications for authorization to bring animals onto the site must be submitted to the owner of domiciliary rights.
  3. Animals on campus must not cause any disruption (such as noise or smells) and must not pose any risk to health. Damage and dirt caused by animals must be rectified or cleared up immediately by the keeper of the animal without prompting. In case of any corresponding complaints or disruptions, Constructor University retains the right to demand and implement the immediate removal of individual animals at any time.

§ 9 Energy-saving, environmental protectionand waste disposal

All members of Constructor University are urged to help ensure economical consumption of energy and water. The following points should be taken into consideration in particular in this regard:

  1. Keeping outside doors closed;
  2. Not keeping windows open for long periods of time when heating is in use (inrush airing only) and adjustment of thermostats to ensure heating remains no higher than the required level;
  3. Switching off devices not in use (computers, lighting, power supply units, fans, etc.);
  4. Careful closure of taps and reporting of any leaks;
  5. All users are urged to make correct use of the bins provided for the disposal of waste and waste separation. Bringing private waste for disposal on-site is not permitted;
  6. Green areas benefit all the members of Constructor University and everyone should help to ensure their protection and preservation. Care should be taken not to damage lawns, trees, or shrubs and other plants;
  7. Vehicles and bicycles must be kept off the green spaces;
  8. Camping or sleeping in the open spaces is forbidden.

§ 10 Unauthorized activities and those requiring permission

  1. The following actions require authorization from the owner of domiciliary rights (the president or his/her designees) when carried out within the domain of Constructor University:
    • Hanging and posting posters, banners, wall newspapers (placards), etc. (except on designated wall spaces or noticeboards);
    • Distribution of printed material of any kind, particularly flyers and leaflets,
    • Organizing gatherings or ballots;
    • Setting up of information or sales stands, or any other kind of sales and distribution activity or collection of orders;
    • Picture and sound recordings for commercial purposes;
    • Execution of surveys except for the purposes of research and teaching.

Excluded from this are activities carried out as part of academic self-administration and for the works council, as well as the rights of university political groups or other representations of interests among members of the university, provided that such groups accept the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany.

  1. The following activities are forbidden within the buildings and outdoor spaces under the university’s management:
    • Use of roller skates, inline skates, skateboards, etc. within all buildings;
    • Begging and hawking;
    • Use of sanitation facilities by persons who are neither members nor affiliates nor guests of the university, and who are not users or employees of external companies with a justified presence on the university site;
    • Any kind of noise disruption (e.g. from music systems);
    • Any party-political or religious activity (missionary activity) is not permitted within the domain of Constructor University;
    • Consumption and trading in illegal drugs or hallucinogenic substances, excessive alcohol consumption and illegal gambling are also all forbidden within the domain of Constructor University;
    • Also forbidden is the carrying of weapons, regardless of type, and of flammable or explosive substances (for exceptions see § 14).

§ 11 Disciplinary actions in case of infringements

  1. Any complaints about or infringements of these house rules can be reported to Campus Security.
  2. Those entrusted with exercising domiciliary rights are authorized to take the measures necessary to rectify the disruption to domestic peace.
  3. In particular, they have the right to remove anyone causing disruption from the premises of Constructor University. Any removal of or bans against affiliates of the university (particularly employees or students) requires confirmation from the management.
  4. In case of violation of the house rules, Constructor University reserves the right to pass on the cost of any damage incurred to the person causing such damage.
  5. Official disciplinary proceedings may be carried out by the management, the Legal Officer or the Head of Campus Security.

§ 12 Conduct in case of emergency

  1. In case of emergency, the alarms and emergency signals of the technical installations must be observed. Furthermore, instructions given by security staff or official representatives must be followed.
  2. The university’s fire prevention regulations and the general body of rules on safety and accident prevention must also be observed. Equipment for the prevention of accidents and fires should be kept in working order at all times and may only be used for the purpose for which it was intended.
  3. In case of disruptions to operations or infringements of the house rules (e.g. damages incurred, thefts and burglaries), please contact Campus Security.

§ 13 Handling of lost property

  1. Lost property items should be handed in to the security officer at the main entrance to Constructor University immediately, with details given of where the items were found.
    Lost property in the library should be handed in to the information desk and will be passed on to the security officer at the main entrance from there.
  2. All lost property will be kept by the university for six weeks and handed back to those who credibly show they are the owners or rightful keepers of the items. After the abovementioned time period has elapsed, lost property items may be recycled.

§ 14 Supplementary regulations

  1. For laboratory areas and special parts of Constructor University, the provisions of the respective protection regulations still apply.
  2. Barbecue events must be held at the designated barbecue station next to Krupp College and must be reported to Campus Life. Other sites may not be used for reasons of fire prevention. Special authorizations must be applied for in advance in writing and submitted to the owner of domiciliary rights.
  3. Events in any buildings, parts of buildings or entire sites owned or rented by Constructor University are subject to the house rules and the special events conditions of Constructor University. Details of the events are regulated by the relevant individual agreements and are therefore not freely available in every case.
  4. Issuing of keys and transponders and closure authorizations are governed by the key regulations.

§ 15 Entry into force

These rules come into force upon publication.


Bremen, March 28, 2018

The President and Managing Director of Constructor University Bremen gGmbH