Wheelchair accessibility at Constructor University

Wheelchair accessibility at Constructor University
Information for students with disabilities

What we can offer you

Here at Constructor University, we celebrate diversity and will do our best in supporting you and your academic career.

All residential colleges have rooms for wheelchair users. The colleges, the library, a number of teaching rooms and other buildings have ramp- and elevator access. Unfortunately, just some buildings, such as the new library and colleges, doors are automated. At present, there are no facilities for the blind or visually impaired.

Please note that our campus was built during the 1930’s and is therefore not entirely barrier-free. Very few lecture halls are completely accessible for wheelchairs.

Our staff will directly support you by:

advising you on the best adapted residential colleges
organizing special arrangements for your exams and assessments
informing you about lecture halls limitations

Please note that we have only limited capacities to provide personal care.

For additional information or inquiries please contact:
Office: Reimar Lüst Hall, Reception Desk
Campus Ring 1, 28759 Bremen Germany
Tel: +49 421/ 200 4200

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