Extension of studies

Extension of studies

General Information

Students who are not able to complete their degree within the regular period of study - six semesters for undergraduate and four semesters for master’s students - must apply for an extension of studies. This includes students who have missing assignments, e.g., a make-up exam, a thesis, a paper, or a lab report, that are due after the final deadline for their respective final semester (August 31st for Spring, January 31st for fall). Regardless of how soon after the final deadline the assignments are due, students will have to extend their studies for the whole semester. As a rule, financial aid packages cannot be extended beyond the regular period of study.

The application for extension of studies must include:

  • A filled-out application form (“Application for extension of undergraduate/graduate studies”) and a statement explaining why the student was unable to finish their studies within the regular time frame. If prevented from completing the studies by an illness, or a personal emergency, students should enclose all relevant supporting documents.
  • A detailed study plan discussed with the academic advisor and the study program chair of the student's major. Major-specific study plan templates can be requested by sending an email to academicadvisingservices@constructor.university

The complete application must be submitted to the Registrar’s office by July 1st for the following Fall Semester or by December 1st for the following Spring semester. Only students in their last semester may apply for an additional semester.
The application will be discussed and decided upon by the responsible dean, the student’s academic advisor, the study program chair, academic advising services, registrar services, and student financial services. Whether an application is approved depends on judiciousness of the enclosed study plan; in other words, goals outlined in the study plan must be achievable. For example, a student missing more than 40 ECTS credits after their sixth semester will need longer than one additional semester to complete their studies.

Forms to download

Please download forms from Academic advising services main page.

Extension of residence permit before study results are processed

Students who need to extend their residence permit before the final grades are processed and/or before the diploma is issued, can request the registrar services to issue a letter to the BSU on the grounds of which a short extension of their residence permit can be granted. This supporting letter should be requested before the end of July via this online form.

Extension of studies – tuition fees

20% tuition fee will be charged for up to two semesters beyond the standard period of study, and 50% tuition fee will be charged for extensions as of the third semester beyond the standard period of study. You pay a flat-rate per semester of extension.

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