Verification of Your Financial Data

Verification of Your Financial Data

Verification of Your Financial Data
The financial data you stated on the Online Financial Aid Application and the Student Certification of Finances may be subject to verification from our Student Financial Services. If you are selected for verification, you will be contacted by e-mail and will be required to submit additional documentation that supports the information you reported. Required documents will need to be sent to within four weeks of our request.

Please DO NOT send documentation unless you have been selected for verification.

If you have been selected for verification of your financial data, one or several of the following documents may be required:

  1. If your parents are employed:
    Your parents’ most recent tax returns, your parents’ most recent pay slips or a letter of employment confirming your parents’ income for the previous 12 months or the previous calendar year.
  2. In case of self-employment or company ownership:
    A balance sheet certified by a chartered accountant or business/corporate tax return.
  3. In case of other type of income:
  • Rental income statement (contract or appendixes attached to tax return)
  • Unemployment verification and confirmation of unemployment benefits received
  • Worker’s compensation due to job-related illness or injuries
  • Retirement benefits/pension funds
  • Child support due to divorce, separation or legal requirement.

We reserve the right to request other documents depending on what is stated in the Undergraduate Online Financial Aid Application.

All documents will have to be accompanied by official translations from a professional translator, into either English or German.

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