Omer Guzel wins 2023 DAAD Award for international students
DAAD award
DAAD Prize winner Ömer Güzel (middle) with Mercator college Resident Mentor Dr. Adilah Ponnurangam (left) and Residential Life Officer Hatim Kara (right). (source: Constructor University)

Each year Constructor University in Bremen awards one student with the prestigious DAAD prize that recognizes excellent academic achievements as well as outstanding social engagement. This year, Global Economics and Management student Omer Guzel received the award during the Annual Opening Ceremony on September 1st.

Omer Guzel is not only an excellent student but also an entrepreneur who aims to provide innovative solutions to pressing social challenges. Dedicated to creating a better world, he has maintained academic excellence, winning several merit-based awards and scholarships including the 2023 Ronny Wells scholarship, awarded by the Constructor University Foundation of America.

Omer has also been the leader and founder of several clubs on campus that focus on his innovative and entrepreneurial passions, including the Lead Club and Google Developers Student Club. He also has a long history of demonstrated social and intercultural dedication – one example being winning awards in small film festivals including the UNICEF Jury Certificate of Merit for Children’s Rights.

However, “it is the intersection of his academics, innovation, social and intercultural dedication that set him apart from the other excellent candidates this year,” said Magdalena Dieterle, International Programs Officer, who proposed Omer to the selection committee. This is best demonstrated by his work as co-founder of ResQme in 2023. ResQme is a mobile app bridging communication between disaster victims and rescue teams, enabling location sharing, high-pitched phone ringing and data visualization for improved response. He and his team show their sense of social engagement, networking and cooperation.

"It is a unique sensation to receive the DAAD Prize for international students, especially at our university which is ranked the most international university in Europe. The intercultural and diverse environment is undoubtedly one of the biggest indicators of receiving the DAAD Prize. Therefore, it is my responsibility to thank my friends, professors, amazing Mercator and campus community," said Omer.

Constructor University congratulates Omer on receiving this prestigious award and is looking forward to seeing how his academic success and intercultural commitment will inspire future students to dedicate themselves to their studies and community.

The DAAD prize is renowned for its symbolism and character: every year for the past ten years, the prize has been awarded to international students at German institutions. With a 1,000 EUR prize, the award targets individuals with extraordinary social engagement and excellent academics. Just one student is selected per institution.



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